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  • Theo Citroen.

  • Testing ground in Singapore is almost like a mini town with streets, crosswalks, traffic signals and even this This is the bus stop.

  • Is the bus stop like all of us?

  • Because we are waiting for the bus.

  • Our speaker.

  • I'm here for my very first ride in a self driving shuttle bus.

  • So you feel like within five years this will be a regular part of our life?

  • Yes.

  • In 3 to 5 years, this kind of service is actually rolling around the world.

  • How long before I get in my car?

  • I tell my car.

  • Take me to work and it just goes for that to come.

  • Probably another decade.

  • Dr.

  • Dilip Limb Booze company movie tha or move it autonomously is one of around a dozen firms testing vehicles here.

  • Singapore's government wants to use the findings for driverless transport.

  • Three goal is to reduce air pollution and chronic heavy traffic.

  • The nerve center of all this innovation is Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, home to the Energy Research Institute and led by Professor Subodh.

  • My soldier, How long did it take you to get used to being driven around without a drive?

  • No, I don't think I'm still ready for.

  • That's an honest it is.

  • Hey says this technology might not be ready just yet, but it's coming much sooner than you think.

  • So in just over a decade, what will our streets look like?

  • You will have a mixed level of traffic between cars that are autonomous, able a swell as drivers, he says.

  • Self driving Busses will solve Singapore's bus driver shortage.

  • Robotic street sweepers will work the undesirable graveyard shift, and fully autonomous cars like this BMW, equipped with cameras and sensors will give new independence for those who can't drive.

  • Cities, which have extremely high sophistication of infrastructure, would be the first places with autonomous vehicles would be deployed like Singapore.

  • Like Singapore, Self driving technology still has its limits.

  • A safety driver is necessary on our rise.

  • Uh, con what was that?

  • Oh, the emergency brake.

  • Though this fender bender is a human error.

  • We hit the curb their way back.

  • Yeah, Pa, that this is like me when I was learning how to drive.

  • Developers say that software learns much faster than your average teenage driver, which means in just a few years you could be sharing the road with a robot.

Theo Citroen.

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Self-Driving Through Singapore

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