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  • Raymond Abbas was known by his 2.4 million followers on Instagram as hush puppy fans were gripped by his unbelievably extravagant lifestyle.

  • But in July this year, his social media posts stopped on rumors of the Nigerians arrest began to by police posted this dramatic video to confirm it.

  • He and his associates were arrested and accused of amassing their riches through hacking a very specific type of hacking known as B E.

  • C or business email compromise that the crux of business email compromise is a scammer Impersonating either, um, executive or a business and then tricking a person, um, into sending them money.

  • Hush Puppy claims he earns his money legitimately as an influencer.

  • He's now in the U.

  • S.

  • Awaiting trial in the spring.

  • He says he's innocent, but if he's found guilty, he could face 20 years in prison.

  • Nigerian authorities describe Hush Puppy as their most wanted hacker, But in truth, experts say, the country is the epicenter of this type of extremely costly cyber scanning.

  • Last week, Interpol arrested three more Nigerians suspected of running another prolific BC operation.

  • The FBI says globally, criminals are stealing nearly $9 billion a year through BC hacking The latest research from cybersecurity company A gari suggests that scammers can be found in 50 different countries and 50% of all BC attacks originate in Nigeria.

  • For months, Cigars Team has worked to track down some of the criminals to find out how on why they do it.

  • They paid a small amount to each hacker to take part.

  • Only one agreed to a recorded interview and I was invited.

  • X says he was lured into BC hacking at university.

  • I myself actually wanted to be like Mark Zuckerberg So e and that Betty, it was not the easy mixed with new people, different ideas.

  • Okay, this guy is which reaction that.

  • Okay, how did you make such amount of money?

  • Everybody wants to be which speed is everything.

  • Once the victim mistakenly transfers money to the gang, they only have hours to get it out of the bank and spend it.

  • You pick always want the money very fast, like in the next flowers before you guys start acting questions.

  • Previously, Nigerian hackers were associated with the infamous Nigerian prince scam emails.

  • Experts say the shift to BC attacks happened about five or so years ago as more money could be made from tricking companies over individuals.

  • This hacker says he's so far made $72 much Mawr than in his day job as a Web developer.

  • Do you feel guilty about what you're doing because you're stealing money, aren't you?

  • MM, loathe people in your hacking group?

  • Do they feel guilty?

  • They're looking a little bit of huge because there have been cases where we actually we turn off the money.

  • They emailed us on the Christian present.

  • This exact amount, I think, the amount of that wanted on 62 case.

  • This pity appears to be very rare.

  • The B C world is full of hackers trying to get rich quick.

  • The hacker we spoke to says he's not scared of getting caught, but police say they're working hard to clamp down on criminals.

  • We carry out targeted reads at horse sports on after arrest.

  • We have been prosecuting, sending a lot of them, too toe.

  • Prison police also hope that high profile arrests like Hush puppies are making a difference.

Raymond Abbas was known by his 2.4 million followers on Instagram as hush puppy fans were gripped by his unbelievably extravagant lifestyle.

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The new ‘Nigerian princes’ of hacking? - BBC News

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