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  • Victor.

  • How are you feeling?

  • Related to how you felt pre injury.

  • How would you gauge the way you're moving?

  • Um, I would say is night and day.

  • I feel a lot better.

  • Ah, lot stronger.

  • Um, there's always room for improvement, obviously, but I definitely feel better from even in the bubble until now.

  • So I think I made some pretty big improvements.

  • Some pretty drastic improvements.

  • I just got to keep trending forward.

  • Eric Holder.

  • Hey, what's up, man?

  • How you doing?

  • What you do, man?

  • How are you?

  • Good, good, good.

  • Obviously, man, it's been, you know, so much said about, you know, just your commitment, you know, to the Pacers.

  • And we had, you know, picture come out and say that, you know, you gave him your commitment.

  • You wanna be in Indy?

  • What do you have to say about anybody who might question if you wanna actually play for the Pacers?

  • Like the rumors that started reports, like, just your own thoughts on it, man, Um, you know, growing up, I was always taught not to Yeah, engage in my sense.

  • So I never have came out and said that I didn't want to play for the places or being this organization?

  • Mhm.

  • But yeah, I'm focused on now, here and now, a man.

  • My letter coaching staff familiar with Calver.

  • So it's great to see him here.

  • Um, I feel familiar with most of the guys from around the league, so I'm It's great people.

  • Um, I'm feeling better.

  • Guys look better.

  • Guys look healthy.

  • You know what I'm saying?

  • So I'm looking forward to the season.

  • Um, all the other stuff, man, I can't control what they say.

  • What they write, what they do.

  • I'm just focused on me and improving focus on my team.

  • Andi being my best version of myself so I can help this team.

  • This organization in the city when the championship Do you have that chip on your shoulder this year on me like you weren't healthy, so you weren't able toe, you know, just really show your ability, you know, in the way that you are.

  • But how much of a chip on your shoulder you have this year show people that I'm still that same vic?

  • That was all star a couple of years ago.

  • Um, it's no longer It stopped being a chip a long time ago.

  • Mhm.

  • More and more so, for like the world on my back.

  • Um, and I gotta make sure I hold it up.

  • So you want to call me Atlas from now on?

  • That's fine.

  • Um, it's no longer a chip is bigger than the chip now, So, uh, I'm just looking forward to competing at the highest, though.

  • Good luck, fisherman.

  • Thank you.

  • Yeah.

  • Scott.

  • Agnes.

  • If it to that end, I'm curious.

  • Was it difficult for you to sit back, not say anything, Not clarify your situation and to do what you said you learned in childhood not to say anything.

  • How difficult was that for you?

  • I'm is very difficult.

  • You know what I'm saying?

  • Especially when you know things are said about you that's negative.

  • Been in the league for eight years now.

  • This is my eighth year.

  • I mean, this is the first time anyone has accused me of anything like this, so it was very interesting to me, but, you know, at the end of the day, um, I can't let none of this stuff that I can't control make me lose focus of what really matters on bats.

  • This team, my teammates this organization and making sure I'm healthy.

  • So it was tough washing, obviously.

  • But, um, you gotta put your emotions to the side and just focus on what truly matters.

  • So that's what I'm focused on doing and did.

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