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  • Now, the high court has ruled the Children under 16 who say they want to change gender are unlikely to be able to give their informed consent to treatment with drugs.

  • That block puberty case was brought by a young woman who regretted her decision to have treatment and argued that a court order should be needed for Children to take the medication.

  • Transgender rights campaigners have criticized the decision on the only NHS clinic to offer the treatment.

  • Children says it will appeal against the ruling.

  • Our social affairs correspondent, Allison Holt, has more details for curable emerging from the high court.

  • This judgment was about decisions made us a teenager that started her on the road to transitioning from female to male, she argued.

  • She was too young to understand the impact of that treatment.

  • The court agreed more checks are needed.

  • I'm delighted at the judgment of the court today.

  • It was a judgment that will protect vulnerable people.

  • I wish it had been made for me before I embarked on the devastating an experiment off puberty blockers.

  • At 16, Kira was desperate to be a boy.

  • She was given drugs to delay puberty, then male hormones clinicians say, For some Children, this is the right move.

  • But Kyra believes it was a mistake for her.

  • The discussions were very brief, and there was no real investigation into why I had gender dysphoric feelings and how I got to that stage.

  • I spoke briefly off depression and anxiety, but again it was kind of assumed by everyone that transitioning would alleviate that.

  • Her case was against the Tavis Stock, the U.

  • K's only gender identity clinic for Children.

  • It argued that puberty blocking drugs air only prescribed if a child could give informed consent.

  • But today's judgment ruled it was doubtful a child under 16 could really understand the long term implications on for 16 and 17 year olds.

  • The courts may also need to be involved.

  • Area.

  • This mother, who wants to remain anonymous, was also involved in bringing the action.

  • Her daughter, who has autism, is on the clinics waiting list in the long term effects of puberty blockers.

  • They're not really known.

  • They're given for extended period of time at a time when you're developing body needs to be exposed toe hormones.

  • It doesn't just help the physical development.

  • It helps the psychological social and emotional development of a child.

  • In a statement, the Tavis Stock says the trust is disappointed by today's judgment on.

  • We understand that the outcome is likely to cause anxiety for patients and their families, it continues.

  • We're working to provide support for patients concerned about the impact on their care.

  • It's a very important issue, and I'm happy to be here.

  • And 18 year old Sonia calls the judgment dis heartening and wrong.

  • She says young people who want to transition like her already faced long waits for specialist help.

  • It's taking more than 23 years just to get a first appointment.

  • And that's before you even get to the prospects of discuss discussing hormone replacement therapy in puberty blockers.

  • And it takes for me personally.

  • It took a huge toll on my mental health because I couldn't see, like to the end of the tunnel, I had no hope.

  • Whilst it's considering the implications of today's judgment, the Tavis stock says it's suspending all new referrals of under sixteens for drug treatments.

Now, the high court has ruled the Children under 16 who say they want to change gender are unlikely to be able to give their informed consent to treatment with drugs.

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