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  • Welcome toe watch Mojo.

  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 things you should never do in among us.

  • Yes, for this list will be going over some major don't when playing among us.

  • If you have any other bad ideas to avoid in the game, don't avoid our comments and tell us about them.

  • Okay, Number 10 split off early.

  • The first round in a game of among us is often critical to determining the course of the match.

  • Imposters could make a lot of early headway if they can manage to isolate and kill the crew mates quickly enough.

  • For this reason, going off by yourself or in a group of 123 immediately is a good way to either get yourself killed first or look sauce to the rest of the group.

  • While the former is definitely a crew made only problem, the latter is something you want to avoid, regardless of whether your crew or imposter number nine fake a visual task.

  • Yeah, when your crew faking any tasks is generally pretty dumb, but it's part and parcel for being an imposter.

  • But there are some tasks that are impossible to fake.

  • If a certain setting is turned on, these visual tasks display animations when someone is performing them.

  • Some examples include the med Bay scan or shooting the asteroids.

  • If an impostor tries to pretend they're doing one with the animation turned on, any nearby crew could easily spot that they're not who they claim to be and get them voted out.

  • Number eight.

  • Take out your accusers during discussions.

  • Things can get pretty heated when you're an impostor.

  • It can be tempting to want to kill the crew mates who speak against you in meetings.

  • Although this can sometimes be helpful in general, it can look very suss as killing the people.

  • Accusing you is a common enough tactic that everyone tends to do it.

  • So unless you want to try to pull off a double bluff like, why would I kill my accuser?

  • That's such a small brain play.

  • You're gonna want to avoid taking out your biggest critics instead.

  • If possible, try to gain their trust by traveling with them and not killing them while your partner, if you have one, goes on a killing spree.

  • Number seven Lose track of your alibi.

  • Alibis are an important part of playing among us.

  • Having an answer for where you were and what you were doing is crucial to all players to avoid suss during discussions.

  • If you can't remember where you were on the map or the tasks you were performing, then you're definitely going to look more guilty to other players.

  • The best ways to avoid this are toe learn each map and where every task is as best as you can, as well as to travel in groups.

  • So if you do forget where you were, someone else can account for your location.

  • Also, being as honest as you could be is better than an outright lie.

  • Number six.

  • Ignore a dead body.

  • Corpses can be scary, but ignoring a dead body is generally a bad idea if there's anyone else around, regardless of whether your crew or not, if you could make a clean get away as imposter than by all means, leave the body there.

  • But if not, it's better to take the suspicion that you're reporting a kill you made than to be seen standing next to a body you didn't report.

  • And if you're a crew mates, not reporting a kill is even Mawr inexcusable, since at least the impostors actually have caused to not report a body.

  • Sure, you may get sussed to, but any delay in telling others can only help the impostors.

  • Number five ignore tasks.

  • Yeah, tasks are one of the crew mates.

  • Two ways to achieve victory by completing all their tasks the crew mates win.

  • While some players like to prioritize detective work, it isn't okay to forgo your duties entirely.

  • Tasks help keep the pressure on the impostors to kill, which can lead them to slipping up and getting caught by ignoring tasks.

  • A player allows impostors to take more time to pick and choose their kills to avoid discovery while putting more pressure on themselves to complete tasks towards the end of the game.

  • Basically, don't procrastinate, especially if you're already dead.

  • All right, let's go find out who it is because I'm not doing my tasks being jerks.

  • Number four do nothing.

  • Although doing nothing may sound like the same as not doing tasks, it's a little bit more than that.

  • As an impostor, you can't win unless you kill a least one person as a crew, even if you don't do tasks you can still keep an eye on other players, such as by looking at security cameras or logs.

  • You can also keep other players company so that their body doesn't go unreported by doing absolutely nothing at all, either by standing around or wandering aimlessly, you're contributing nothing to the crew mates efforts.

  • Plus, it's a good way to look Suss.

  • Bottom line.

  • If you're not going to participate in the game, why play it all?

  • Number three Go solo?

  • Yeah, yeah, as we mentioned earlier.

  • Going off on your own early is a bad idea, but it extends to throughout the whole game.

  • Forming up in pairs or even trios is a good idea for impostors and crew mates, since it gives you an alibi.

  • Theo Buddy System is also useful for rooting out the impostor because it means that if one of you does betray the other, the rest of the crew know who to blame.

  • Going alone means that everyone is going to look to you first if someone dies and it paints a big target on your back for any imposter who happens to see you by yourself like the wise man from another game says it's dangerous to go alone.

  • Number to vote on four or seven.

  • Voting someone out isn't always smart.

  • Although kicking out someone, Suss is generally pretty safe when there are between eight and 10 players left.

  • After that, it becomes more complicated.

  • If there are seven people left, it's generally a bad idea to vote if there are two imposters left.

  • If you vote wrong, then the impostors just need to kill two people to win the game.

  • Likewise, voting when there are four players can also be dicey if you vote incorrectly than the imposter merely has to kill one of the two remaining to snatch victory away from you.

  • In both cases, skipping means a body is more likely to be reported, and thus you'll have more info to make an informed decision.

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  • Number one be inconsistent.

  • No one is an imposter or crew mate.

  • 100% of the time.

  • Sooner or later, you're gonna play is the other.

  • If, for example, your aggressive and inquisitive as a crew mate but quiet and disinterested as an impostor, people are going to notice if you play among us with the same group.

  • Any difference in how you usually play is going to look suss to people you play regularly with and get you discovered as an impostor or wrongfully kicked out as a crew mate.

  • Therefore, it's important to remain consistent in your play style.

  • That way, you get to play longer and have more fun in the mood for more awesome gaming content.

  • Be sure to check out this video here on Mojo plays, and don't forget to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

Welcome toe watch Mojo.

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Top 10 Things You Should NEVER Do in Among Us

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