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  • ambulances coming and going patients going back to the nursing home.

  • New ones coming trance result to follow its not here because we're in a rural community.

  • We know a lot of our patients.

  • I personally have had three patients from the nursing home.

  • Dying thistles, just unlike anything I've ever seen.

  • So here we are, living graft in North Dakota.

  • Okay, this is our hospital Unity Medical Center.

  • Space is here for the ER.

  • You know, we hope for the best every day that starts.

  • But you just don't know what the day is gonna bring him.

  • Amy Embryonic.

  • I have been a nurse for 30 years.

  • My name is Mary Jo Shop.

  • I'm a registered nurse.

  • Things have really amped up around here.

  • We have had to make makeshift rooms for patients in the chapel family room pretty much wherever we can cram them.

  • We've had a really hard time getting patients transferred out to our usual receiving facilities because they're also full patient that we wouldn't ordinarily keep here in our small rural community hospital.

  • We've had to keep.

  • We're now swamped with the our patients coming, and there's nowhere to put them.

  • And we're running out of stuff.

  • It's been quite a busy day.

  • I have spoke to two families, um, extensively about end of life.

  • We've had deaths here.

  • They are members of the community that, you know, we know it's heartbreaking because I am.

  • A lot of these people are my friends, and I know personally and then to see their family members here at the end of life and they and it's not a normal, grieving and dying process.

  • We talked about it months and months ago and how he'd handle it, But you're never really fully emotionally or psychologically prepared for the onslaught, but I think a large portion of the population in our area doesn't really quite get it yet.

  • Staffing in a rural facility has always been a bit of a challenge.

  • We are a skeleton crew to begin with, and now we are slowly one by one, Catching cove it I'm post covert about a week and a half, and I still am exhausted when you are in something that you feel like there will be no end and it is like your worst nightmare ever.

  • I think we all go home and we have nightmares and you dream hovel dreams, Um, that colleagues were going off and the people are falling and that you can't get to them.

  • None of us ever came nurses and thought that we would do anything like this.

  • That ends my shift.

  • I am actually feeling guilty, leaving the hospital half hour late.

  • But today is my son's birthday.

  • And I always put my family on the back burner.

  • And today, as much as I tried, I still couldn't get out of here on time.

  • And one of my patients that we transferred back to the nursing home End of life, I believe, has already passed away.

  • Just ended my day, huh?

  • We have in the hospital back home now.

  • 9 p.m. Here.

  • And it's been a long day.

  • I feel exhausted.

  • Um, I feel like crying a lot.

  • Um, you know, you just feel like you want it to end.

ambulances coming and going patients going back to the nursing home.

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Covid in North Dakota: One day inside a rural US hospital’s fight - BBC News

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