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  • happy Thanksgiving to you Gobble, Gobble.

  • Oh, nobody says that.

  • I think a lot of people do.

  • They say, God, would you ever say gobble, gobble And not in that context.

  • Okay, lets reset Jim thinks is for the family.

  • This one, uh, they're all gathered around the show watching.

  • Um, Now you're here.

  • You're not home for Thanksgiving, Mother.

  • I would I would guess Your family must be disappointed That you're from Texas is I'm from Texas.

  • That's right.

  • No.

  • Well, they think they've grown accustomed to the lack of me on Thanksgiving.

  • I've been out here and working with tape last night, so I can't I don't fly home immediately afterwards.

  • Um, Christmas.

  • I always go home for yes, that zbig once you never ever miss Christmas.

  • I missed Christmas once we I got snowed in somewhere in the middle of the country.

  • I can never remember where I was, but it was We got snowed in and I was alone and I spent the night in the hotel and I went back the next day to try and get on the flight, and they weren't starting up and they finally had just a few de icers.

  • I guess, and they were doing one runway at a time.

  • And I was living in New York and they got a flight going out in New York that was gonna leave, and I thought I don't wanna stay here anymore.

  • And so I was like, I'm gonna go back home to New York.

  • And so I called him and I said, Listen, they're letting very few flights out, but I'm going to home to New York and she was very quiet, and she literally said, Well, you have ruined Christmas.

  • Swear to God, she she said that I swear to God, you've ruined Christmas.

  • I mean, you know, and it was so overdramatic that it was It was kind of nice, because now I have that.

  • And I've told people that forever, that my mother's actually told me that I've ruined Christmas.

  • You know, I really think she overdid herself and it took the guilt away.

  • Thank you, Mother.

  • Mother watching.

  • Right now it's all up from here.

  • Yeah, exactly.

  • Now I know that you You have enormous success now, like a lot of actors.

  • You You did your time in life theater, and I did.

  • I did a lot of life.

  • He had a lot of like theater in Houston, which was wonderful, is at the university or whatever.

  • And I was with a wonderful group there, and, uh, we was some of the best training because we went from different space.

  • Like in a parking lot.

  • We'd be in, ah, warehouse on wonderful theater.

  • We did a production of a Beckett show called Endgame once, and my parents came to it and Beckett could be very dour or sad.

  • But it's a comedy.

  • I don't know anyway, it's odd, and they thanks Okay, And my mother specifically said to me because I don't like seeing you in this condition, You know, the way I was doing the play and it was just kind of down.

  • And she said specifically about the warehouse we were in because this is the kind of place you could find a dirty needle in once again, Very dramatic of your mom.

  • Oh, she's wonderful thing.

  • This is where I get the drama from me and the specificity You're absolutely right.

  • But what was funny?

  • I went back to do the play the next week, and I told the director that she had said that you laughing?

  • Because we did find a dirty needle s eso, you know, Bravo Mother's instincts.

  • Your mom should work for the exactly Just like I know this place.

  • I know this is not smell the heroin.

  • Mm gobble, gobble, gobble.

  • I can't say gobble gobble.

  • After that, it's What does that say in your cup?

  • O gimble?

  • Oh, I just have a little nonsense words I've had.

  • This gimbal is on there.

  • Yes, which is non starring Gobble.

  • And that's why No, that's not why you said Gobble, gobble.

  • You said it because I think that subliminally affected me, though I could have seen that in the corner of my eyes, all of your anecdotes air written out on this thing.

happy Thanksgiving to you Gobble, Gobble.

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Jim Parsons Ruined His Mother's Christmas - CONAN on TBS

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