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  • we have to talk.

  • Joe Burrow.

  • Just a brutal injury and a brutal reality.

  • Now for Cincinnati.

  • I mentioned some quarterbacks, I guess, before who've come back from a C L.

  • During our tape time.

  • I guess we found out not just in a C L, but in M c l and some other repair that needs to be done to the need.

  • Now, this more resembles I don't want to say it too loud.

  • Carson Palmer's injury from years past for this French sighs Woody, for this to happen to borrow in his rookie year.

  • What the offensive line the Bengals put around him, I believe the ranked 29th and d b o A.

  • What do you think it does?

  • But it sets him back, and we've seen that before.

  • I'll mention Teddy Bridgewater that started his career in the same kind of fashion and look how it threw him back for years until he's only now back to the way he was as a rookie.

  • And in the second year, I think it's going to be a terrible situation because it does.

  • The Bengals haven't been in the playoffs since 91 they were hoping toe actually build this.

  • I'm not putting it on the fans.

  • You didn't either, but I'm putting it on the ownership in Mike Brown.

  • I'm putting it on the general manager.

  • I'm putting it on the coat sack.

  • Daler sock.

  • Taylor shouldn't have put him in that situation so that he is averaging 49.86 exposures of game.

  • That means pressures.

  • That means Sacks.

  • He was on target to be sacked more than 50 times this year.

  • That's David Carr territory that he was beginning to dinner.

  • I just think that you should have gotten him out of the lineup.

  • We saw it could play that he's gonna be a Peyton Manning type.

  • Wait, So you want to do a benched him?

  • Because we'll let that you're right on the number of exposures they've had.

  • You're completely incorrect on how recently they made the playoffs about 15 14, 13 12.

  • I mean, they made it almost every year with Marvin Lewis in the middle of the decade and some of those Carson Palmer yearsas.

  • Well, but but Cowlishaw, hearing a c l m c l other repair needed and knowing how the Bengals approach this season with their offensive line, which is one of the worst in league going in.

  • What did you think of it?

  • Yeah, I mean, in hindsight, you look and go.

  • Exactly.

  • What what in the world were they doing?

  • It's terrible for the kid.

  • And we think about you know, we watch Eli Manning a Rivers or even Brady for the last decade.

  • Say these quarterbacks don't get hurt anymore.

  • The rules protect them.

  • And we forget how dangerous the pocket is on on hits like those when we see that and and then we look at what quarterbacks do when they come back from those injuries.

  • Joe Burrow is a mobile guy.

  • He's not a running quarterback.

  • He makes plays with his feet.

  • He didn't l s u He's done it this year.

  • What is he going to do now?

  • Moving forward?

  • Coming back a year from now, It's just you hate to see it because he was having, you know, in bad circumstances, a nice rookie year.

  • 1991 is when they last won a playoff game.

  • So I don't wanna hear cowboy jet bands play in 1991 is a long, long time ago.

  • It's all about the trenches.

  • And we'll see that tonight when Tampa plays the Rams and you know you're trying to block Aaron Donald.

  • The Bangles have to get better on the offensive line.

  • Joe Burrow is young enough.

  • He's competitive enough.

  • You like to believe you can come back from something like this, but let's face it, no one's really gonna know for sure.

  • You wish him the best of luck, but that's a big Frank.

  • Would you agree with Woody?

  • Maybe not to mention this year.

  • I don't know where that came from, what he but that the team and franchise maybe didn't fail him, but put him in a position where he was in harm's way.

  • Well, I think it's fair that you need to put a better offensive line around and maybe with a few games left in the season.

  • But he's a rookie quarterback.

  • It's about development.

  • You need him out there playing.

  • It's unfortunate, but this is what happens in the NFL.

  • Yeah, I'm gonna blame anybody for this.

  • I'm gonna blame the turf at FedEx Field where quarterback legs go to die.

  • But overall, the reason why this is such a bummer is because people actually like Joe Burrow like as a dude.

  • Of course, he was setting the world on fire, but he gave some hope.

  • The Bengals fans of the personality, Never mind.

  • As a leader.

  • This is a bummer, because he just away from that, I'm going to assume full recovery cause I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it's that big of a problem, because he's that young.

  • But overall, you missed the guy a zoo.

  • Muchas you missed the quarterback, in this case, Tom Brady.

  • After he tore his A c L.

  • He made 54 Super Bowls.

  • So there is hope you have to believe there's hope.

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we have to talk.

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