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  • I am an Afghan citizen on my name is Murtaza.

  • When Mattias Academy left his home in Afghanistan and smuggled himself into France, he did so, hoping to escape the violence in his homeland.

  • However, he says he found himself in a situation in a central Parisian square this week that was far from the safe haven.

  • He dreamt off an operation which he says resulted in him being beaten with batons by French police.

  • Yesterday we set up tents there, but then something terrible happened.

  • The police arrived and started beating people.

  • Although the French people supported and protected the immigrants, which we're grateful for, the police also beat them.

  • The police forces had no mercy.

  • We thought they were humane people, but unlike ordinary people, they're not like that at all.

  • Academy and dozens of other migrants and asylum seekers had pitched The tents is part of an organized protests intended to attract attention to their precarious living conditions.

  • But police in riot gear moved in to disperse them.

  • America French people on the other migrants witnessed the police beating me inside my tent.

  • The police forces even beat me with their baton.

  • I have nothing with me because when we were escaping from the police, my belongings remained in the tent Monda.

  • Many ordinary French people were supportive, he said that the police were hostile.

  • When I see behavior like that, I feel like I'm in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran because those countries police treat people the same way.

  • I even feel that the French police treated us like the Taliban on Islamic state.

  • My body still trembles when I remember last night's incident.

  • Originally from northern Afghanistan, Matassa traveled through Pakistan, Iran and the Balkans to reach Frantz.

  • He now says he has no other choice but to stay in the city and endure the situation on the streets.


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Afghan migrant: I thought France was humane until police beat me

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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