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  • you take a look at where it leaves the standings.

  • As of right now, the four and seven Washington football team finding itself atop the division.

  • The Eagles, of course, sitting there with that tie so they have a chance.

  • FBI still sees Philly is the favorite to win the division.

  • Based on the tie, I should point out the Eagles have a tough game Monday night against Seattle while the Giants play Cincinnati, which figures to be reeling coming off of losing Joe Burrow.

  • So let's just as we come out and sort of think about this for a moment.

  • Here's the way I view that division, and I want to see if you guys see it the same way.

  • Bart Scott.

  • I'll start with you.

  • The two teams we expected to be good this year and expected to be battling it out for the division this year.

  • Dallas and Philly are both kind of payroll bloated messes.

  • While the Giants and Washington both have some nice young pieces to build on.

  • You watch Washington yesterday.

  • The running back is a rookie, the wide receivers, A second year player.

  • They got a ton of studs on that defensive line they have a coach people really like in his first year.

  • Giants have a lot of things going for them as well, and Daniel Jones is playing better.

  • The way I look at that division.

  • The Giants in Washington feel like the two teams on the come and Dallas and Philly looked like 22 teams that need to hit that plunger and just blow the whole thing up and start over.

  • Bart Scott, What do you think?

  • I mean, I think you hit the nail right on the head green.

  • When you think about you know, Philadelphia and you think about Dallas, these Air teams that have been in their winning cycle for a while now they have a quarterback in which you have to pay big money.

  • You think about, you know, the the Washington football team.

  • You think about the Giants.

  • They have young quarterbacks, and now they have assets and they have a ton of cap space.

  • You talk about the Philadelphia Eagles next year being $64 million over the cap.

  • Dallas has a huge decision to make.

  • If they're gonna pay Dak Prescott $39 million you have an agent, Tyron Smith that's eating a lot of the cap up.

  • I think if you're in Washington or if you're in New York, I think you feel good about your chances.

  • Especially if Alex Smith comes off the books next year, they'll be able to, you know, address the quarterback position but have ton of caps base to maybe invite some talent to that division into that football team.

  • Yeah, they have a coach that everybody likes and wants to play for.

  • Mark, you have been on our show for so long now, talking about I know you love Dak Prescott.

  • We love Duck Prescott and if anything else, that Prescott value, I think, has increased since he got hurt, and we've seen what's become of them.

  • But he is gonna be a $39 million player next year if he plays on the franchise tag.

  • And I just ran through the numbers.

  • Ik Elliott's getting paid a fortune.

  • Amari Cooper guys on that defense.

  • Do you think the Cowboys need to blow it up and maybe includes not bringing back back?

  • Well, I don't know if that's that's the move.

  • You gotta bring Dad back like you said his his stock just went way up because you see, this team is completely lost without him, and it's gonna take too much time to develop.

  • Ah, young rookie with a team that needs toe win Now that's built to win.

  • Now, when they paid all these guys to be there for this amount of time and God, they still have a guy wide open on this freaking on this fake punt that makes me so mad.

  • But it's all right.

  • Uh, yeah, I think you got to get, uh, Doc back, Figure that out.

  • But some of these other players that you paid big money Thio might need to get released and you might have to eat some of that contract money.

  • But right now in that division, the Stability meter is Ron Rivera and Alex Smith.

  • Those guys have the experience, they're ready to win.

  • They've seen it, they've done it.

  • And that's just gonna win down the stretch.

  • I think that's right.

  • And and and rob Ninkovich.

  • I mean, Sanchez said it exactly right.

  • The Cowboys and Eagles are teams that were built to win right now, and they are a combined.

  • I'm doing this in my head.

  • They have a combined six wins and one tie, and however many losses, that adds up to 13.

  • I think it is.

  • So what does that say if you're in that situation and you're a win now team, Where are you?

  • Rob Ninkovich?

  • Well, they both Both those teams made mistakes with who they paid You.

  • Look at the Eagles.

  • They guaranteed 107 million that Carson wins.

  • And right now he looks like he's not the guy for them moving forward.

  • He's he's not performing to the level of his contract.

  • And then you look at the Cowboys and what they paid Zeke.

  • They paid a running back top dollar in a passing league, and everyone could say, Yeah, well, they were running the ball and they had a great offensive line.

  • But look around the league.

  • There's a reason why other teams have decided Let's spend our money elsewhere rather than the running back position.

  • This year, Zeke leads the NFL in fumbles, doesn't seem to have the same burst.

  • So you look at Washington, they're a young team on defense.

  • They look promising to me.

  • I think that they could they could definitely win the division this year, Maybe maybe even sneak up on somebody in the playoffs.

  • Because when you have a quarterback like Alex Smith, who can make the right decisions at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

  • And they will get a home playoff game, assuming they're the ones who in that division and just one quick final thought on mismanagement.

  • You pay all that money to Zeke Elliot what you didn't have to do, but you decide to do it and then you go out and hire a coach.

  • The book on him is they don't run the football.

  • Mike McCarthy's teams never ran the ball in Green Bay, so none of it really seems to make sense.

  • The problems seem to begin at the top.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

you take a look at where it leaves the standings.

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Is it time for the Cowboys and Eagles to blow things up and start over? | Get Up

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