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  • when you make decisions to pay guys early, you gotta be sure.

  • Gotta be 100% sure that this was a guy, right?

  • I mean, he's coming off a leg injury.

  • He did help lead you to the Super Bowl.

  • He put him in position.

  • Nick Foles took over, ultimately going win the Super Bowl.

  • Then you give him an extension as if he was the one that actually played in the Super Bowl game and won the game.

  • And so it was OK to kind of wait.

  • Just wait a little bit.

  • Let's see what the injury looks like.

  • Let's see what he looks like.

  • Kind of Just wait.

  • You don't need to do it.

  • This is why owners and general managers have protections in place to be ableto see it through Lamar Jackson.

  • Perfect example.

  • In situation.

  • I can do Lamar right now.

  • Right?

  • But I also can wait because I'm not sure.

  • Patrick Mahomes.

  • Oh, I'm sure I'm sure.

  • Not a problem.

  • What do you want?

  • Here's a blank check.

  • No big deal.

  • Did Shawn Watson?

  • I'm sure.

  • What do you want?

  • But there's certain guys that you're like If I pay him even a Jared golf situation.

  • I did not have to pay Jared golf immediately.

  • Now he's been okay.

  • But I could have waited to pay Jared golf.

  • I feel you involve the money like you make Mawr mawr sense.

  • Every time I hear you talk about this as it relates to Carson Wentz, I get that.

  • But from the practical fan perspective, right, you're sitting there saying, Okay, the NFC East is horrible.

  • I don't know how the hell we're still in this position, but if Carson is playing this way, if our goal is to win Like what?

  • It isn't that the reason why we drafted Jalen Hurts?

  • Didn't we draft him because we thought he could be somebody that could give us mawr opportunities?

  • If Carson was not playing at his best, so wouldn't you see it?

  • As you know, if we're talking about a Taysom Hill and and Drew Brees situation, can't we get him mawr involved in offense to see if he actually has a potential that could take us to the next level offensively instead of just I guess we could get him some more snaps.

  • Well, the Drew Brees situation is a little different because Taysom Hill was coming in.

  • Replace a Drew Brees in games running a couple of little trick plays here and there.

  • He wasn't taking the snaps underneath center, throwing the ball all over the lot like he did the other night.

  • When they won the football game on Sunday night, it was a little bit different.

  • But when you look at it for what it's worth, you gotta follow the money.

  • They're not going to all of a sudden, okay.

  • Here, Jake, you gotta explain to me I'm the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • You're the general manager, the president of team.

  • Now, you gotta explain to me why the hell you gave that dude $107 million.

  • And you asking me to sign off on benching him to pay a dude that has no playing experience at quarterback that we drafted in the second round when you convinced me to pay the other guy?

  • Ah, year and a half ago.

  • Ah, $107 million.

  • You gotta explain that to me.

  • Do you want to bring that to me?

  • Do you really wanna walk into my office and said, Hey, key.

  • I want to play the other guy, even though I just gave him Ah, $107 million and he's gonna cost us 50 million.

  • If we do anything, you really want to explain that to the own.

  • I guess I wanna live in a reasonable world where there's an admission of guilt.

  • But in the world that we live in, it's not reasonable.

  • That will never happen because my back is against the wall and I wanna keep my damn job.

  • I'm never doing that.

  • What, what professional executive have you ever professional executive, Whether it's in sports or this business that we're in ever admitted to, they made a mistake.

  • You're never gonna hear.

  • Oh, we probably should have done that.

  • That was a bad teal.

  • They're never going to admit that they're just not gonna do it.

  • It's egg on the face.

when you make decisions to pay guys early, you gotta be sure.

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Discussing Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts and the future of the Eagles | Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin

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