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  • a huge moral.

  • Actually, we pass our tour on this moral talks about diversity, unity and talks about the diversity here in Jordan because Jordan being very welcoming country for refugees.

  • So there is a lot of refugees.

  • Uh, you can say the population in Jordan is 10 million people.

  • There is about five million Palestinians or with Palestinian roads on one of them.

  • On Palestinian refugee.

  • My name is Alan did.

  • I'm the one who tell the stories about street art here and a man He's a big boy on DSO and grew up in hip hop was part of the kind of founding fathers of hip hop here in a month.

  • And he's awesome storyteller.

  • There's ladies, Sudanese, Yemenis, so many nationalities here.

  • And also we have different styles.

  • So there is the conservative people.

  • You can say, what hijab, this mob or this traditional things, but also there's the hip hop and youth and all different stones.

  • Hip hop culture had really unique way off, letting young guys expressing themselves, because when we grow up here, it was really difficult.

  • Also in 2004, it was after the Iraqi war, we find hip hop as a game toe escape from this political situations and to have a talent or something to do with our time.

  • The first day I arrived here, my taxi driver who took me from Eighth Circle to downtown where my hostel was, it was just like, Hey, come sit in the front seat.

  • I'll give you a tour of downtown like And that's basically been the theme of the last two years.

  • Like Hey, I'll just drop everything so that you feel comfortable on so that you know how toe do life in a month you can say the people, but it's they're very helpful.

  • They're very beauty or they're very simple.

  • The city, like how it looks, is also amazing.

  • Insistent has this old buildings if you walk around a man and also the hills.

  • I love a man.

  • I love Jordan.

a huge moral.

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