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  • men's college basketball returns tomorrow.

  • Number four.

  • Virginia taking on main the Cavaliers adding former Marquette sharpshooter Sam Houser to a strong returning cast led by point guard Key.

  • Hey Clark.

  • High High expectations in Iowa City this year, the number five Hawkeyes open their season against NC Central preseason.

  • All American Luke Garza leading the charge for Iowa.

  • Number three.

  • Villanova opens its season.

  • Former Big East rivals Boston College You can catch Colin Gillespie in company right here.

  • UH, ESPN at seven o'clock Eastern.

  • Now, games haven't even started on the D one level and coronaviruses wreaking havoc.

  • Overall, we're upto over 125 d one.

  • Men's teams that have had cancelations and postpone lands announced.

  • So far.

  • Nearly 201 d one teams have games postponed or canceled on the women's side.

  • Those numbers, of course, are growing by the day.

  • So let's bring in our college basketball reporter Myron Medcalf.

  • What are you hearing Myron about how programs around college basketball are dealing with all the challenges from Covic?

  • Well, a lot of them are knocking on wood that they could get off the ground on the season opening day tomorrow.

  • I've talked to a coach who landed last night in South Dakota for his tournament, found out he had a new opponent because his main opponent that tested out because of covert negative positive test.

  • I've talked to coaches who have relocated out of their states, hoping they can play, another coach told me, as an athlete who has been quarantined for 49 days because the contact tracing So a lot of these coaches air, really, just hoping that they could get off the ground.

  • Ah, lot of individuals throughout the scene, even if they haven't had to cancel games, have had interruptions.

  • So a lot of people are hoping for good things that happen in the coming days.

  • But they're very, very concerned.

  • Yeah, the whole situation feels somewhat fraught.

  • College hoops rosters obviously a lot smaller than the ones in college football.

  • How might that impact whether or not games were played?

  • Well, I think the biggest thing is the guideline right now is for a 14 day quarantine.

  • Uh, if someone in what's called Tier one test positive.

  • So that's your players, coaches, staffers.

  • So you've had a number of teams that have already endured these 14 day quarantines, and I've talked to a number of leaders who think that if that remains, if that becomes the norm in college basketball, it'll be very difficult to have a season.

  • One player tests positive, you're canceled.

  • So the difference in college football's that you've had games were 10, 15, 20 players.

  • Miss Games and the game still happen in college basketball.

  • Those games will be canceled, and not just those games.

  • But the games for the next couple of weeks could also be affected by that 14 day quarantine, which is the challenge for a lot of coaches who've been talking about the issue.

  • Now, My and I know you got an article up on ESPN dot com right now about a college basketball parents association being formed to advocate for players and educate parents.

  • What are they hoping to achieve with all this?

  • You know, this is a group of organized parents who are behind some of the top players in America.

  • Jaylin Johnson, Jalen Suggs, Moses Moody.

  • Their parents are involved, Uh, in what they're hoping to do is to establish a national network of parents and to empower one another through education, helping each other get through the process of recruiting, understanding the landscape of college basketball.

  • But they also want to be able to engage in some of these conversations around Covic, mental health name, image and likeness.

  • So this is the start they launched this morning.

  • But the goal is to grow into a national network, so that's what their goal is, and that's what they hope to do.

  • Going forward, you can check that out on ESPN dot com.

  • The college hoops season tipping off tomorrow.

  • 16 ranked teams in action.

  • Myron getting us ready for all of it.

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men's college basketball returns tomorrow.

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