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  • going to give you three statistics coming off of the notes here from the Elias Sports Bureau about the NFC East, otherwise known as the NFC least where all the teams have three wins and the Eagles have the division lead on the virtue of a tie, let me give you three stats coming out of that first off Number three.

  • The Divisions winning percentages, 3 13.

  • That is the second worst winning percentage by a division this late into a season since the merger, and it is only slightly better than the winning percentage the Cleveland Browns have had since they came back into the league in 1999.

  • The entire division has had the level of futility of the Brown number two, but it gets worse.

  • The Eagles, according to FBI, have a 46% chance to win the division.

  • That's the highest of the group.

  • I'm flabbergasted by that.

  • They're three wins of the fewest by a division leader through Week 11 since the merger, and then finally, number one.

  • There is some good news for the division.

  • It went to 11 this week, marking the first week this season where the division posted a winning record.

  • It was also just the second time where the division one more than one game in the same week those were just a few notes ridiculously terrible NFC East, which will be won by the Dallas Cowboys.

  • I know everyone is getting hot on the Giants bandwagon, and I know FBI inexplicably says they like the Eagles, I guess, because of the tie.

  • But the Eagles are actually the worst team in the division.

  • They're supposed to be the best.

  • They should be the best because they have a Super Bowl winning coach and a quarterback who people have associated with the letters.

  • M v P.

  • But the truth is, no one is coaching his team worse than Doug Peterson is.

  • And no quarterback on the division is playing worse than Carson Wentz.

  • Certainly not since the Cowboys got Andy Dalton back yesterday, and they look like a whole different team.

  • They looked by far the best they've looked this season yesterday.

  • Then there's the Washington football team.

  • They're a mess.

  • How would they look right now?

  • They drafted Justin Herbert and then you get to the Giants.

  • They've become kind of a sexy pick.

  • I think the reason why came up when I asked Dan Orlovsky this morning of the quarterbacks in the NFC East.

  • Which one do you trust the most?

  • It's Daniel Jones if he doesn't turn the football over, and I want everyone to understand how difficult that is for me to say and how mind blowing it is for me to say that I trust Daniel Jones the most out of anyone in that division as long as he doesn't turn the football over.

  • And the truth is this.

  • Over the last six games, the Giants are three and three, and those three losses there by six points.

  • The Giants of the best team in that division, you know, I mean, that's the point people are making.

  • So let me bring Mike Tannenbaum into the conversation on that thought.

  • He is with me on the Shell Pennzoil performance line.

  • Hello again, Mike T.

  • And let me let me follow up on two things that got said there.

  • First of all, who do you believe winds up coming out on top in the NFC East when all is said and done?

  • Well, greedy first.

  • Like I say that I'm glad I'm only slightly below.

  • Uh, Coach Fitzpatrick, I thought I would be, like, monumentally below, So I feel like I'm off to a great start here.

  • Yes, I was being nice.

  • E was, Let's be honest, I was being kind.

  • I mean, you are well below Ryan Fits, Uh, Fitzpatrick, You said Fitzpatrick.

  • That's the quarterback.

  • It's Pat Fitzgerald who I was talking about.

  • I would put you slightly behind Ryan Fitzpatrick now, but that's a whole different conversation.

  • Okay, let's get to business.

  • Who's gonna win the division?

  • Tannebaum.

  • I agree with you, greeny.

  • I'm gonna go with Dallas because they have the best and most consistent quarterback in Andy Dalton.

  • And you know, we love Dan Orlovsky, but you can't have the caveat of if he doesn't turn over.

  • Daniel Jones always turns it over.

  • Last week was the first game in his career.

  • He had not had at least one fumble.

  • There was one other game where he fumbled and he recovered it.

  • But which is really an amazing statistic.

  • So despite everything, all the noise, I agree with you, I think doubts will win the NFC East, especially if you look at the schedule the rest of the way.

  • The Eagles have one of the hardest schedules remaining in their season, and the Cowboys have one of the easiest in the leak.

  • I'm not talking about within the teams in the division, so I like Dallas to in that division quickly.

  • The What have you seen?

  • Because Daniel Jones has become an interesting topic of conversation.

  • I know it's a team that had to buy this week, but he has become sort of an interesting topic because there was a while there where it looked like the Giants might be one of the teams that could be in the bidding for one of the best quarterbacks could be in there in the draft situation.

  • Have you seen enough from Daniel Jones that convinces you he's your quarterback of the future?

  • You know, greeny, it's going that direction.

  • I think the game has slowed down a little bit for him, and I think we're seeing some of his athleticism come out.

  • Obviously, you know, he had the noteworthy when he stumbled the first time against deals.

  • But, you know, in talking to Jay Bilas before the draft a year and a half ago, you know, he talked about coaching him going back to high school basketball on that, that he could have been a major Division one basketball players.

  • So I think sometimes we forget about his athleticism, and they do have some underrated young skill players.

  • Darius Layton's a little bit under the radar.

  • I like him a lot, and they've done on this without, say, Kwan Barkley.

  • So they have so many other needs, most notably pass rusher, that look.

  • If Trevor Lawrence, which is highly unlikely at this point, falls in their lap, that's one thing.

  • But beyond that, I think he's earned the right to get the bed for the doubt thus far.

  • And let's give Joe Judge a ton of credit.

  • That defense has improved.

  • They're cutting down on turnover.

  • So I think Jones and the Giants are heading in the right direction I due to and whether they may be a year too soon for this.

  • But I think their future looks the brightest of any team in the division.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

going to give you three statistics coming off of the notes here from the Elias Sports Bureau about the NFC East, otherwise known as the NFC least where all the teams have three wins and the Eagles have the division lead on the virtue of a tie, let me give you three stats coming out of that first off Number three.

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#Greeny makes his case for the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East

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