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  • - My name's Casey Heffernan.

  • My first job was working in a news agency,

  • general retail work.

  • I would do things.

  • People would buy magazines.

  • Magazines were still very much a big thing.

  • Processing different things through, and also doing Lotto.

  • Best part was the people I worked with

  • and the regular customers.

  • There were some, I think it was an old Greek man

  • who always used to come in and he'd always

  • have his Greek newspaper waiting for him.

  • And, just a few interesting characters.

  • There was one really mean staff member I worked with,

  • and she was really nasty, but she was a full-time

  • staff member and I was a casual,

  • so she kind of, outranked me.

  • But, she was a really mean person.

  • Back in high school I wanted to be a lawyer,

  • or be a scientist.

  • And, now I work in human resources

  • at the Department of Employment, Skills,

  • Small and Family Business.

  • So, my job entails, I work in

  • the learning and development area.

  • So, I manage systems and provide learning

  • to the entire department so everyone

  • can do professional development and do their jobs

  • the best they can.

  • So, I got into this job as a contractor.

  • So, I'd worked in a couple of other

  • government jobs before, and this one came up.

  • I applied for it.

  • I had an interview, but as a contractor,

  • I'm kind of, employed outside of the government.

  • So, kind of like casual work, but full-time,

  • just like everybody else.

  • I'd just advise them to have a go.

  • Meet with people.

  • Taking down records of anything

  • that you've done well already.

  • Special skills you have, whether that's at school

  • you've done well at something,

  • or you're really good at sports.

  • Just kind of making a note of those things,

  • and trying to put forward your best self.

  • So, I started in retail and customer service,

  • and then worked at some call centers.

  • Worked in banking and slowly

  • transitioned over to government.

  • And, whilst I didn't have any HR skills before this job,

  • because I worked so much with other people,

  • the department they really valued that customer service.

  • Working with a team.

  • So, working with people like that difficult colleague I had,

  • but then also having the great colleague,

  • and just kind of, being able to work with lots of different

  • people from lots of different cultures

  • has really helped me throughout my career.

- My name's Casey Heffernan.

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