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  • we heard recently the Mike Tyson's coming back for a fight.

  • And I know you, you and Mike, we're always talking about fighting, but I heard he doesn't want to fight you or he didn't want to Back in the day.

  • What was that whole history with you and Mike Tyson?

  • Um, we challenge Mike Tyson because, uh, he was the best boxer at the time.

  • So, um, I heard that he accepted, but the people around him did not let him fight back in the day.

  • So I met my test a few times And super nice guy, always very respectful.

  • And he's like, man, yes, I wanna do it.

  • But I'm glad I didn't do it.

  • I e use If you take me down the ground, I wouldn't be done.

  • And I said the same thing and say, Hey, Mike, if you would have hit me, you don't have you don't even have to hit me.

  • If you handle, go by next to my face will probably knock me out.

  • He can hit hard.

  • How do you fight Mike Tyson?

  • I mean, because you challenged him when he was at his peak, right?

  • He was the scariest man on the planet.

  • How would you have fought him?

  • Oh, I gotta get in a clinch.

  • There's no way I can outbox him out.

  • Punch him.

  • There's no way we have to get in a clinch if I pass the first sequence off punches.

  • If I don't get hit.

  • If I get hit, forget one hit to you.

  • Send.

  • You don't have the planet I hit from Mike Tyson.

  • No, but yeah, he missed that punch and I gained a condition.

  • Take him down.

  • The father will be on my on my terrain.

  • Is there still a possibility you'll fight him?

  • No, no, he's He's coming back to boxing, right?

  • He's got a boxing match in two months and I'm fighting in May.

we heard recently the Mike Tyson's coming back for a fight.

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ROYCE VS TYSON: When I Challenged Mike Tyson & Why We Didn't Get The Fight Booked - Royce Gracie

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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