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  • the rat.

  • A tat tat of the drums lures people to follow the prisoner cart, slowly rolling through the streets of Sydney to condemned men are going to be executed this morning.

  • Thief James Hardwick and 23 year old thief and murderer of Joseph Samuel.

  • By the time the cart reaches the gallows near Brick Field Hill, a large crowd has gathered.

  • They don't yet know that they're about to witness something unusual and that the events of the day will long be remembered.

  • Reverend Samuel Marsden administers last rites.

  • Tow Hardwick, an elder of the Jewish community.

  • Joseph Marcus, who would later become Australia's first rabbi, performs rites for Samuel.

  • Then the men are asked if they wish to confess.

  • Samuel pleads his case, pointing out a man in the crowd, Isaac Simmons as the real killer.

  • Some people in the crowd are riled up after Samuels impassioned speech, but the execution continues At 10 a.m. Samuel and Hardwicke step up onto the cart and have nooses placed around their necks.

  • Here's where accounts differ.

  • Some say that Hardwick received a last minute pardon and Samuel was left to face his maker alone.

  • Others claim that Hardwick was indeed executed, and due to a bizarre twist of fate, he was the only one executed on this day.

  • Either way, standing on the cart seconds from death, a terrified Samuel begins to quietly pray.

  • The executioner slaps the horse's rump, the horse trots forward and the cart pulls out from beneath Samuels feet.

  • In 17 95 at age 15, Joseph Samuel sentenced to seven years of imprisonment for larceny in England.

  • In 18 01 he was transported to Australia to serve out the remainder of this sentence.

  • Samuel was imprisoned in the penal settlement at Sydney Cove in the colony of New South Wales.

  • In addition to the harsh security of the prison camp, it was purposely miles from out of town.

  • The guards figured that if a man was able to escape, the hostile Outback would take care of him.

  • Before he could make his way back to civilization, However, Samuel did escape and survive.

  • Eventually, he made it to Sydney and took up with a gang of thieves.

  • On the night of August 25th, 18 03 they robbed the home of a wealthy woman, Mrs Mary Breeze, among other items, they stole 24 Guineas and several silver dollars.

  • A constable on patrol in the area, Joseph Locker investigated.

  • The next morning, Constable Locker was found stabbed to death, becoming the first police officer killed in the line of duty in Australia.

  • The gang of thieves was quickly hunted down and captured.

  • Samuel had some of the stolen coins in his pocket when he was arrested.

  • Also, Mrs Breeze identified him as one of the culprits.

  • When interrogated, Samuel confessed to the robbery but claimed to have nothing to do with the murder.

  • Still, he was tried and convicted.

  • The other suspects were banished from the colonies or acquitted, even though they were caught with blood on their clothes.

  • Two other suspects, Isaac Simmons and William Bladders, were acquitted due to insufficient evidence and their explanations.

  • Simmons claimed that he was prone to nosebleeds, and Blatter said he had recently slaughtered a pig.

  • The morning of the execution, Simmons was escorted by police tow watch the hanging in the hopes that he would be frightened enough to confess at the time.

  • In Australia, death by hanging was brutal.

  • The more merciful drop hanging where a convict drops through a hole in their neck is quickly snapped, hadn't yet been instituted.

  • Instead of condemned person stands on a cart.

  • Once the news is placed around their neck, the horse would pull away with the cart.

  • Thus the condemned would be left dangling and slowly strangled to death.

  • As Samuels gets up on the card, he scared his accusation of Isaac.

  • Simmons has angered some in the crowd but not stopped the proceedings, as he hoped.

  • Samuel praise as a nuisance, slid around his neck.

  • The executioner slaps the horse's rump, the horse trots forward and the cart pulls out from beneath Samuels feet.

  • He painfully dangles for a moment, and then the rope around Samuels neck inexplicably brakes, causing him to drop to the ground, spraining his ankle.

  • Another rope is brought, and for a second time Samuel stands on the cart again, and news is placed around his neck.

  • In this time, when the horse pulls the cart away, the noose unravels, extending the rope enough to allow Samuels boots to touch the ground.

  • By now, the crowd is unease.

  • E Not only has this man passionately proclaimed his innocents, but mysteriously twice.

  • Now the executioner has failed to kill him.

  • Some people shout for Samuels to be released, claiming that divine intervention is saving him.

  • Nevertheless, a third rope is fetched.

  • This time, the authorities quickly inspect the rope before making a news.

  • It's a standard rope made of five thick quarts of hip.

  • It should be able to hold around £1000 without breaking.

  • For the third time, Samuel is placed on the cart, a noose around his neck.

  • The horses slapped and pulls the card away.

  • Incredibly, the rope breaks again.

  • Samuel falls face first into the ground and is briefly knocked unconscious.

  • By now, the crowd is rowdy.

  • That clamor for Samuel to be released.

  • The provost Marshall, orders the execution to be delayed and gallops off on horseback to report the unbelievable Siris of events to Governor King.

  • He comes back with a stay of execution.

  • The governor has granted Samuel a reprieve.

  • You would think that after his crazy brush with death, Samuel might straighten up and become a model citizen.

  • But no, he didn't.

  • Samuel was taken to the doctor for injuries received during the botched execution.

  • He fully recovered.

  • His sentence was converted to life in prison, and he was sent to Kingstown, which later became Newcastle toe work in the coal mines in 18 06 Samuel and seven other men escaped settlement sailing off in a boat during a storm.

  • They were never heard from again.

  • All were presumed lost at sea.

  • Isaac Simmons was convicted and hung for the murder of Constable Luck.

  • Er, however, today, Constable lookers murder is considered to be Australia's oldest cold case with no definitive proof as to the murderer.

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the rat.

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Death Row Criminal Who Couldn't Die - True Story

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