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  • for three days.

  • I wanted to do it early morning, meaning when it's still in the darkness.

  • But it was heavily raining.

  • And the guy who was asking me to climb the building Yeah, these two sons in Kuala Lumpur and they were skipping school and it was their birthday prison seeing me climbing the Petronas.

  • So on the front days, my friend Lainey said, Ally, it's OK even though you are climbing 60 story Still, you know the kids.

  • They are really they are waiting for so long seeing you climbing.

  • So I just decided to do it.

  • So I gave up on my dream just to please the dues to kids.

  • Okay?

  • And and then three years later it was 2000 and seven.

  • It's two years later, I I just put fuck, I cannot, you know, I cannot leave it.

  • You know I cannot give up on my dream.

  • I still need to to do on another truck because I I want to make it and then this time promising myself.

  • No matter if if I cannot start nighttime, I just don't do it.

  • Then I called my friend a lawyer, and I said, Look, the arena I this time I need to get if you know, if you are knowing one of the best criminal lawyer in Kuala Lumpur because I need this kind of guy this time to help me.

  • So you said that you're completely crazy, you know, you get ready arrested two times.

  • Honestly, you you cannot try one more time.

  • You got you got you got I mean, a big, big, big, big shit.

  • So it came back to me and he said, Okay, I signed up a guy.

  • He's willing to help you pro bono.

  • So I then I decided, Okay, then I do it.

  • I flew to Kuala Lumpur so everything was organized because I was doing ah, documentary film and that that was going to be the last, uh, the last cent for this film.

  • And when I met the lawyer, actually, there was a misunderstanding.

  • He thought it would be my second attempt.

  • And then when I told him it will be my father time.

  • First of all, you wanted to move backwards, which, actually, I said it was not It was going to help me, but he said, Allah, you know, I'm just afraid for you because you're gonna learn in jail for five years And then because it was during the Ramadan period, it was It was, ah, Molly guy.

  • But Indian Malaise.

  • So he flew to India, so disappeared for five days.

  • Then I After that meeting, I went back to the hotel, and then I called the U.

  • K and Los Angeles to tell them that actually, I'm not gonna climb.

  • But they said it's too late.

  • All of the cruise, their own board.

  • And I said okay to myself.

  • Let's see tomorrow how it works.

  • When they are arriving, I'm gonna tell them.

  • Look, actually, I cannot make it.

  • Maybe you can We can still do, you know, the preparation and and everything.

  • Like if I was going to do it.

  • But I'm not going to do it.

  • And, you know, after five days, I started to change my mind and to feed Well, maybe overall disloyal.

  • He told me a bullshit, and actually, he's just climbing, affecting building.

  • They're not gonna put me in jail for a building is now.

  • I'm not gonna kill anybody.

  • And they're not gonna rape.

  • I'm not gonna climbing a building, you know?

  • And then I I decided.

  • It's OK.

  • I'm gonna do it.

  • E just set up my mind right now.

  • This time I do it.

  • Okay, So you started super early.

  • While it was dark.

  • It was like we're still like dawn like I forgot, like maybe 6.

  • 45.

  • Or I was in a complete darkness.

  • The only thing was the 1st 12 m.

  • I realized because I have checked every feeding days and days And then there was always like So I just thought if I get spotted when I'm climbing those 12 m, I am done but and I knew or so all the cameras, all the blind spot, everything I did study everything.

  • So when I went there in the morning yeah, I was kind off.

  • Sometimes when I'm watching the film, it's I forget the name.

  • It's the the human spider.

  • The return that was Channel four And I can see because they took these images not after, but before And I can see that I I am nervous.

  • Are you are nervous?

  • Yeah, they are using infrared cameras and I I am never only until the moment I am touching the building.

  • Once I touched the building, I am a shifting into Ah, a different mode.

  • I am on a fighting mode, OK, but it must not feel good before before it's carrying.

  • Fortunately, I know my body.

  • I know my mind.

  • I know myself so I know that actually, once I am into it, it's OK.

  • I will be.

  • I will be doing it.

  • I will be fighting all the way until I fall or until I make it.

  • But at least I am a fighter and I really love.

  • I really love this fighting mode.

  • It's This is what keeps me alive.

  • See, this is what makes me enjoying so much.

  • You know what I have been living over the last 44 years and what I'm still living and what I would be living on next Tuesday.

  • My house.

  • My my wife help!

  • Why stop my wife?

  • Uh huh.

for three days.

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GOING TO PRISON ?: What It Was Like Going To Jail For Climbing The Petronas Towers - Alain Robert

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