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  • And so you're writing the screenplay now.

  • And what what else is on your plate, John.

  • For the next one, I've been asked by the Pythons to write a stage version of Life of Brian because I've got plenty of ideas for that.

  • But it will be hard to really get down to it till I know when I theater my home on my daughter and I have been working on a stage version of musical of official Wander on.

  • We've got about 10 songs now.

  • We've got a very good draft of the book, but again, until I know that it's really going to take place.

  • Then I have to get together with Camilla and we need to work with a producer I absolutely adore, who's got very, very good sensibilities.

  • And then it will start to happen, Onda.

  • Other than that, I let me think.

  • I think there is something else but a car what it is because it's also theoretical.

  • What I'm figuring out now is how can I learn a little bit of money and it's very difficult.

  • I'm going to start doing chats with fans, which I started to do with a company called Fan Meo and I found it was extraordinarily pleasant because I have very nice fans.

  • I know that sounds like bullshit, but they're they're all nice, Bond.

  • Funny and slightly quirky and interesting.

  • And talking to them for short periods of time is remarkably rewarding.

  • You feel energized at the end and not depleted.

  • And now I'm going to do that with much longer something like 10 minute chats.

  • So I'm looking forward to doing that because if I if I do that, I can pay for the hotel rooms and I have to be in hotel rooms because I for tax reasons, I can't go back to Britain until late for the fifth.

  • I'm manning my hotel costs day by day.

  • Well, yeah, these, you know, these conversations with strangers?

  • I mean, you know, we're doing one right now, but they can be quite therapeutic.

  • That could be quite fascinating and quite interesting.

  • And, you know, I think we're seeing a really is interesting and it's lovely when they come with questions.

  • Sometimes they just wanted to tell me how wonderful I am, and I don't object to that strongly.

  • It could become repetitive, but the funniest one of all was a fellow and he showed me this black.

  • Let the jacket of his When, when when he came online and I tell him how nice it looked.

  • And then after we chatted about that for a time, I said to him, So do you have any any questions or anything you wanna tell me?

  • And he said, Not really.

  • And I said Book and I asked, Why are we having this conversation?

  • He said I wanted you to be the first person to see my black new jacket.

  • I didn't quite know where.

And so you're writing the screenplay now.

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