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  • Kanazawa.

  • A city with a grand past and prosperous present.

  • Home to Japan's second most powerful clan during the feudal era, today this city on

  • the Sea of Japan Coast remains significant not just as the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture

  • but also as a popular sightseeing destination.

  • With an impressive castle complex, outstanding landscape garden, a plethora of modern museums,

  • and even a bustling market, Kanazawa is truly a unique and worthwhile place to visit where

  • old and new co-exist side by side.

  • And this is we'll be exploring today.

  • I'm Charles Sabas, videographer for, and today I'm on assignment in Kanazawa.

  • Here's the plan

  • After arriving at Kanazawa Station we'll make the 15min walk to Omicho market for a

  • fresh seafood lunch.

  • Following this it's on to Kanazawa Castle briefly seeing Oyama Shrine and Gyokuseninmaru

  • Garden along the way.

  • After the castle we'll explore the lavish grounds of the famous Kenrokuen landscape

  • garden next door.

  • To end the day we'll stop by a few of the nearby museums and then return to the station.

  • So, follow along as we spend a day exploring Kanazawa.

  • Behind me is the Tsuzumi Gate, shaped like a Tsuzumi drum, which means: we're in Kanazawa.

  • Now one of the great things with Kanazawa is that most of its attractions are within

  • walking distance from the station, so without further ado, let's grab a nice lunch at

  • Omicho Market.

  • Omicho market is the largest fresh food market in the city with a couple hundred vendors

  • selling everything from produce to seafood, and even flowers or kitchen tools.

  • So the coastal waters of Kanazawa are very popular for their fresh seafood and fresh

  • fish, so when you're in kanazawa definitely grab a kaisendon, which is sashimi on top

  • of rice.It looks absolutely delicious.

  • This one is called Kanazawa-don, because it's got gold leaf on the top, it's kind of a

  • nod to Kanazawa's culture and history of making gold leaf.

  • Itadakimasu Wow that's really fresh.

  • After an excellent lunch, we'll head toward Kanazawa Castle.

  • On the way we'll swing by Oyama Shrine whose entrance gate is known for its unique blend of European

  • and Asian architecture styles.

  • And also the small Gyokuseninmaru Garden which

  • is on the edge of the castle grounds.

  • From Omicho Market we made the short walk to Kanazawa Castle which you can see behind

  • me.

  • Now this used to be the base of the Maeda Clan was the richest in the country after

  • the shogun.

  • Only a few structures remain, however there's a lot of great efforts that have been done

  • over the years to rebuild some of the structures like they used to be before.

  • Two interesting things about this castle is you have to carry your shoes and also they

  • have these displays here which are really interesting to see how they rebuilt this castle

  • using no nails, which is very impressive.

  • Now one of the things to be careful inside Japanese castles is the steep staircases which

  • can be a bit dangerous.

  • Only a few steps from the castle is the beautiful Kenrokuen landscape garden.

  • We made the short walk from Kanazawa castle to Kenrokuen, which is one of the top 3 landscape

  • gardens in Japan and according to many the most beautiful.

  • The garden looks very scenic at any time of the year so pretty much there's never a

  • bad time to come here.

  • In spring you have some beautiful cherry blossoms, in summer, the leaves are very green and vivid

  • and in fall it's a very beautiful autumn color season spot.

  • Having explored the outstanding garden grounds and also the elegant Seisonkaku samurai villa

  • next door, we're moving on to a few of the many high-quality museums in the area.

  • First up is the D.T. Suzuki museum whose minimal and peaceful design invites visitors to stop

  • and reflect.

  • To end the day we decided to come to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • There are different art installations on the grounds of the museum which are very interesting

  • to look at and walk around.

  • And with that it's back to Kanazawa Station where our trip comes to an end.

  • Thanks for joining me.I hope this video has been enjoyable and even inspires some ideas,

  • should you be planning a trip in the area.

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  • first hand from Japan.

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  • about Japan.

  • Happy travels.


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