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  • Developing story on SportsCenter.

  • Washington Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard said today that the franchise has no intentions of trading John Wall.

  • A source confirmed to ESPN that the Wizards had discussed a potential trade for Wall for Russell Westbrook with the Rockets.

  • But here's more of what Shepherd had to say today.

  • There's no plans to play to trade John, obviously, that it's unfortunate this time of year.

  • I think the bait and tackle shops while wide open for business.

  • There's a lot of people that get excited on the Internet or whatnot, but there's no issues with John and either no issues with John and the Wizards.

  • There's no issue with anybody other than we just wanna go out, get between the lines where life makes a little bit more sense right now than it does.

  • We're getting ready for for whatever is ahead of a now.

  • Wall still has three years remaining on that lucrative four year contract extension.

  • He signed back in 2017, but the number one overall pick in the 2010 MBA draft miss most of the last two seasons after rupturing his Achilles back in 2019, We're now joined by N B A insider.

  • Adrian Ward Janowski Watch What should this mean?

  • Moving for forward for John Wall and Bradley Beal, who are both said to be reunited on the court for the first time in two years?

  • Yes, and I think that's more.

  • The question for the Washington Wizards.

  • Not so much what John Wall wants, but what is Bradley Beal want?

  • Because in Walls absence, Bill has become the unquestioned franchise player for them, and he they're building this organization around him, and they want to keep him long term.

  • And, you know, I think both Bradley Beal and Tommy Sheppard have really liked what they've seen with John Wall in his rehab.

  • They've seen him.

  • They feel like he's improved his three point shot.

  • Tommy Sheppard says he's seen the explosion back with John Wall.

  • He's been out of the league for a very long time.

  • I think they want to see what they look like together, back on the court, and and and go from there.

  • Okay, well, how about another duo now to the West?

  • How are the Rockets planning on moving forward with James Harden and Russell Westbrook at this point?

  • Well, they have not engaged on James Harden and trade talk.

  • But Russell Westbrook they have, uh, that's not an easy trade to make.

  • And I think for the for the rockets, uh, getting back, uh, into training camp and starting the season eyes.

  • Probably a more likely scenario than Westbrook even moving.

  • They're gonna bring DaMarcus cousins into training camp.

  • Artim McMahon reported.

  • See if they can resurrect his career.

  • He has faced, you know, several significant injuries in the last couple of years, and and he'll get another opportunity to make that Rockets roster.

  • All right, Well, it was a crazy weekend and free agency.

  • But now I want to know what potential significant moves could still be looming this week.

  • With NBA training camps opening in just over a week.

  • Well, Tuesday is an interesting data.

  • Watch Bogden Bogdanovich's offer sheet with the Atlanta Hawks.

  • The Kings have to make a decision.

  • Are they going to match the offer sheet for the restricted free agent and keep him or that four years, $72 million deal?

  • Uh, do they let him go to Atlanta?

  • And so they've got about another 24 hours before they have to tell the league and and tell Atlanta what they're gonna do.

  • So they're making that decision, and I think you're going to see some or extensions.

  • There's a lot of extension eligible players.

  • Brandon Ingram in New Orleans O G N A No.

  • Be in Toronto, Bam!

  • Out of bio in Miami.

  • You'll start to see those.

  • And, of course, Yanis attend a cup.

  • O has until December 21 to decide on that five years Supermax contract.

  • Very interesting.

  • I can't believe we're talking training camp already.

  • It feels like the season just ended but won't thank you so much.

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Developing story on SportsCenter.

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The Wizards are building the organization around John Wall - Woj | SportsCenter

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