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  • It's another head coach who feels like he is under subpoena and has to be honest all the time.

  • Like that was awful.

  • And I hope Mr Trump risky didn't hear that quote because it just made him worse.

  • Like, I don't understand the point of that.

  • I'll say it again before you sit down to do an interview.

  • All head coaches, all CEOs, all leaders of any kind.

  • Everyone is gonna listen to your words very carefully and they mean quite a bit.

  • Before you sit down and you're gonna say something, ask yourself, What am I accomplishing by saying this?

  • The goal is not to answer the question.

  • The goal is to forward their agenda that you want to forward.

  • He has accomplished nothing but make us look at this situation and be quite confused.

  • What are you accomplishing by doing that, other than making mitral Robiskie or worst quarterback than he was before you said it?

  • De would.

  • Who should he go with?

  • If both guys air are able to play based on injury, who should their quarterback pay greeny?

  • That mean you put me in a damn hard position here, but I'm gonna go with mentioned Robiskie.

  • Listen, listen, uh, and the sole reason honestly is because we know the one thing that's been wrong with the Bears offices, the offensive line.

  • The offensive line has been ravaged with injuries, and they're terrible.

  • But the one thing that mentioned you basically could do well is he can move around and maneuver around the pocket outside the pocket.

  • So he does bring a different element to the to the office that Nick Folds just can't bring.

  • That's correct.

  • It is an element to the offense that head coach has never shown any interest in wanting to utilize.

  • But it is something that he did well enough to make him a Pro Bowl quarterback and to take his team to the playoffs just a couple of years ago.

  • Meanwhile, Bart Scott, you had a different idea of someone.

  • They should be thinking about a quarterback well in the future.

  • But right now, you know to say that you know, Mr Biscuits used this time to get better.

  • It's not a ringing endorsement.

  • That's just saying he went from horrible.

  • Too bad.

  • You know, that doesn't mean that he's still a starting quality quarterback in this league, but I think next year they should really consider, you know, trying to trade for Sam Donald getting a young quarterback that they could try fit into their system.

  • We know that if the Jets get the number one overall pick, there may be moving on, and Sam may have value.

  • We'll see what Sam is capable of these last six games with his weapons now, but I think they're gonna have to turn the page and you don't wanna have to pick up anybody's option.

  • Sam Donald's a young quarterback that you feel you can still have a bright future in this league.

  • It just may not be with his current team.

  • I'm with you on that, and you know that I'm a big believer in Donald, But Dominique, very seldom does a coach get brought in to develop a specific player, failed to develop that player and then get to coach the next one.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Like that.

  • It's gonna be the big question there in Chicago.

  • It feels like that you often get kind of paired with your quarterback.

  • We're talking about it in Philly, it's always the situation.

  • That's why it's such a big decision when you draft a quarterback, we saw Arizona was the quickest situation where a quarterback in coach, we're run out of there when Rosen didn't pan out.

  • So it happens quite quickly.

  • I'm not sure that Matt Nagy is gonna be able to stick around if they move on from those quarterbacks.

  • They might also move on from that coach, especially since it seems like he can't get the best out of the guys that they have there.

  • It's gonna be it again.

  • He comes in there as an offensive guru when they drafted the young quarterback and his job is developing and all these seems to want to do is get him off the field really quick part while you're shaking your head.

  • Well, I think I don't think that, you know Maggie's gonna hang around.

  • I think you have to make that moving that decision.

  • But you know, because they're so cash strapped, you're not gonna get a quarterback.

  • That may change your franchise around that year.

  • So you have to go.

  • Maybe for veteran, there's gonna be a lot of veteran quarterbacks out there rather than James, whether Sam, Donald and you're gonna have to try and get one of these retraced, maybe even marry older, but I think that's the same players.

  • Mitchell Robiskie If they get same Donald, I'm telling you, that could wind up being something that we remember for a long time.

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It's another head coach who feels like he is under subpoena and has to be honest all the time.

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The Bears should trade for Sam Darnold if the Jets move on from him - Bart Scott | Get Up

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