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  • So you ask yourself the following question.

  • Who's gonna win this terrible division, where every team has three wins, our football power index?

  • Our analytics give the Eagles the best chance at 44% despite the fact that they have a markedly more difficult schedule going the rest of the way than the Cowboys do?

  • Ah, lot of people have pointed out to me.

  • By the way, the Giants are the team playing the best of all the teams in that division there three and three in their last six, and those losses have been pretty close.

  • So let's go around the horn here.

  • McIlroy will start with you, who is ultimately gonna win the NFC East.

  • I'm going with the Dallas Cowboys on Lee because I want to see Steven Hayes reaction throughout.

  • That what he described as a wonderful holiday season.

  • Uh, they have the most proven quarterback right now in the division.

  • I mean, Andy Dalton granted, missed some time with Cove.

  • It got banged up, but I trust him in the regular season in the postseason.

  • That's a different Andy Dalton, but in the regular season, he clearly has a good report with CD lamb they've got talented weapons.

  • The offensive line can't get much worse than it's been at some points this season.

  • And then the defense, shockingly enough, has been quite a bit better these last few weeks.

  • So I like the trajectory that they're on.

  • And then what is the worst division I've seen in quite a while?

  • I'm going with the Dallas Cowboys.

  • It is the fewest right now.

  • Three wins through 11 weeks is the fewest that any division leader has had at this point in the season since the merger.

  • Jeff is next.

  • Who wins the division?

  • I'm going Dallas Cowboys as well.

  • I mean, you know, Listen, Ezekiel Elliott had a good game against the Vikings last week.

  • The offensive line with putting Martin out at right tackle definitely helped benefit down and solidified a little bit.

  • But listen, this historically bad defense that they've had the good news is the division they're in, right.

  • You go play the Eagles, you know wits is going to give you a few, right?

  • You play the Washington football team.

  • They're not a juggernaut on offense either, so your weakness is actually a strength in the vision you play in.

  • I gotta go Cowboys here and here's the crazy part.

  • I think it's the Cowboys hosting ah, home game at six and 10.

  • How awful is that?

  • But I think that's what's gonna end up happening.

  • Yes, I mean, six and 10 might even be generous, but someone wins that division one way or the other.

  • Graziano.

  • Who is it?

  • Greedy?

  • I cannot believe what I'm hearing on this program today, and I wanna go back a few minutes because Stephen A.

  • Smith had the nerve, the unmitigated gall to come on this program and say he was disappointed in Greg McElroy.

  • Jeff Saturday and myself, for some reason, takes.

  • And then in the next breath, he goes against everything he stands for and picks the Dallas Cowboys toe win the NFC East.

  • Absolutely staggering.

  • I am shocked and a Paul The Philadelphia Eagles are in first place, and they're going to win the NFC East and Greeny.

  • I don't know if you've pointed this out before, but that tie against the Bengals earlier in the season could be a big difference maker when we come down the stretch because the tie is better than a law.

  • Yes, the only reason I'm rooting like crazy for the Eagles to win the division by half a game is because I was dead right on the Thai.

  • But being right on the tie doesn't change whether they win it or not.

  • I would love to say the Giants, because all of the things being equal, I believe the Giants are playing the best of any of the teams.

  • But then I looked at this remaining schedule, and they have a much tougher remaining schedule than the Dallas Cowboys do.

  • I have to pick the Cowboys, and part of the reason is they just looked like a different team this past weekend.

  • They looked like they had a little bit of the snap in the fire that we've been expecting.

  • And it's not as though the Vikings were the same team that we saw at the very beginning of the season.

  • The Vikings have played much better of light, and the Cowboys looked like an entirely different team.

  • Their defense attorney say it couldn't possibly get worse than it was early in the season.

  • Zeke finally ran for 100 yards.

  • Dalton will steady the ship.

  • I think six and 10 is the Magic number.

  • I think they wind up winning the NFC East at six and 10 and hosting Ah playoff game.

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So you ask yourself the following question.

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