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  • it was a downpour.

  • Can we stop over reacting to the fact that he didn't have his best stuff on Sunday?

  • Who the heck would under those conditions?

  • It was pouring rain.

  • It was an impossible circumstance.

  • And it's not all about Carson Wentz.

  • The problems around him are very evident.

  • The offensive line is leaky, as can be no pun intended with the rain, and the receivers really aren't that great to begin with.

  • So I think they got a lot of things to tighten up their quarterbacks.

  • The one piece that I still do trust.

  • All right, that's well done.

  • But the reality of it, Jeff, is that yes, the problem with Carson Wentz has never been that we don't see the spectacular place.

  • You see the spectacular stuff.

  • It's the huge mistakes that kill him and kill his team sometimes.

  • Jeff, what are you seeing?

  • Yeah, he can't anticipate any throw.

  • And listen.

  • You could talk about all the quarterback factors you want.

  • Anticipations.

  • Gotta be top on your list more than arm strength.

  • More than athleticism.

  • Because if you can't anticipate there, you can't throw guys open.

  • And I love the tape that Greg just put together.

  • But let me help you with offensive line.

  • The offensive line has not played well, but 32 off the 40 sacks that have come on Carson Wentz have been after four seconds, Greg.

  • Four seconds, brother.

  • You can't block much.

  • That means you're not anticipating a throw.

  • Dude, I don't care if it's raining or not.

  • Can I see that the guys run out the flat?

  • I don't wanna double pump and then throw it so the guy can take it in Pick six.

  • That's got nothing to do with the offensive line.

  • And listen, I'm not trying to say that there's other areas, other areas, the football team that need to be fixed.

  • But Carson Wentz is, ah, $100 million man.

  • If he is part of your problem on the Eagles, that that has to be the last problem.

  • I mean, are you kidding me?

  • Like you've given him all the money?

  • He can't be part of the problem, and he is his anticipation.

  • His hesitation is absolutely killing this offense.

  • And again, you're holding the ball that long.

  • That means you don't know where to go with it.

  • So either he and Doug need to get together or they gotta make a change.

  • Something's gotta give, because at this point, it's not getting better.

  • You're literally watching a sinking ship because of all the rain.

  • Greg, your wife.

  • Okay, that's very well played to to sort of put a ribbon on the conversation I mentioned.

  • And Dan, I used the line from you that to escape from this if the Eagles wanted to and we don't know that they do would be like escaping from Alcatraz.

  • Dan Graziano.

  • Tell everyone why he's got $30 million coming this year.

  • He's got a fully guaranteed $25.4 million coming next year.

  • As of this coming March 4 months from now, a $15 million roster bonus for 2022 becomes fully guaranteed.

  • If they cut in this year, it's gonna be a $60 million dead.

  • Cap it if they cut him in the 2022 off season.

  • It's a $40 million dead cap hit.

  • They are stuck with Carson Wentz.

  • They have to get it fixed because, frankly, that is a lot of money to pay a guy to not play for you.

  • And it's also a lot of money.

  • Greg McElroy to play pay a guy that can't play in the rain Way way could put the show on the Weather Channel.

  • We had so much rain conversation right?

  • As we continue, we're talking about another quarterback.

  • We will tell you why the Dolphins made a very big mistake and it had nothing to do with Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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it was a downpour.

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