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  • before we begin, shout out to square space for sponsoring today's video.

  • I hope you're ready.

  • Hello from the Yes, this is the edge off the flat earth.

  • Hold on before we go any further.

  • The earth is round and flat.

  • Earth is a joke.

  • But according Toa a hypothetical flat earth map one off the corners of the world is located here on an island called Fogle Island.

  • A newfound land Canada thistle is where some people believe the edge off the flat earth is.

  • So if you jump from here, you'll end up in China or something like that.

  • On this island you will find an actual museum or flat earth theory.

  • But you will also find 4000 locals who believe in common sense that the Earth is round.

  • Come visit this beautiful island at the edge of the world.

  • But before you do remember that the Earth is round that way.

  • Hi.

  • The Philippines has some of the best islands in the world.

  • And in one minute I hope to show you a fraction of them.

  • E think it's all angels e above water.

  • These islands are gorgeous.

  • They can be flat, big, small, sandy and colorful, and all of them are just a boat ride away.

  • Newell Water.

  • These islands have a life of their own, the coral reefs, big fish, small fish, the turtles and the dolphins.

  • But it's not just nature that's amazing in the Philippines.

  • It's also the people.

  • Their hospitality, friendliness and ability to speak with you in English make these islands even more fun.

  • You could divide vacations into three categories.

  • A pouring vacation, a fun vacation and a Filipino vacation.

  • That's one minute cto Hi.

  • Yesterday my father called me and said, You're lucky you're going to Hawaii I said, Why then?

  • He replied, Because in Hawaii there are no snakes.

  • No snake snake, Snake snake.

  • Turns out my dad is right.

  • The Hawaiian Islands are so remote from the rest of the world that here there are no animals to be scared off.

  • No snakes, no tigers, no hyenas, no lions, no crocodiles.

  • Not here, here or anywhere in the entire state of Hawaii.

  • The only thing toe worry about our tiny bugs pigs, your neighbor's dog and a few sharks.

  • I think the ocean tell you dad from my dad that at least on this beautiful island in the middle of the ocean you are.

  • That's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow.

  • I hope you're inspired by that video.

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  • Thank you guys for watching this very long video.

before we begin, shout out to square space for sponsoring today's video.

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