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  • It's like raining like black snow, and then it starts pooping.

  • There's literally raining from the ceiling.

  • Of course, this would happen on my shift.

  • This was black Friday in 2018, and I worked in the computers department and I see like a bunch of employees, they're all gathered around and I'm like, What's going on?

  • And the first thing I see is there's this couple This guy looked like he was straight out of Jersey Shore 5 ft four, all roided out spray tan, the whole Pauly D spiked hair look and his girlfriend like you know, blonde 5, 10 and right as I walk over on top of like, our Big Apple display is a Leamer that goes like skittering across like I'm talking like Straight out of Madagascar is a boom, a few like a ringtail Weemer, and this thing is like a pink harness and a leash on.

  • So this guy brought this thing into a best Buy on Black Friday as a pet and, of course, being a Limmer, it decided to just run straight up.

  • This one poll that runs from one of the registers are all the way up into the ceiling mind you, this Leamer now has a harness and a leash on.

  • So it's running around in the rafters, where there's always like metal cross hatching beams and the leashes getting wrapped around stuff.

  • Oh my God, this thing is going to get caught, and it's gonna like, hang itself in the rafters.

  • The guy is like trying to coax it down like the dogs, like Come on, come on, come down and make you this thing doesn't know what you're telling it.

  • Dilemma is knocking down like all of this black dust that I'm sure has been accumulating since the store was built.

  • And then it starts pooping.

  • There's a literal ween raining from the ceiling and just plot plot plot of Leamer crap like landing on the screens of the register.

  • And you can hear it like as it hits, because it's falling from like, 40 ft air.

  • I'm just standing there thinking like What the hell, They can't get this thing down.

  • We had one manager left on duty, so she calls our head store manager.

  • He told her to call the fire Department, so she called the fire department.

  • Then they told her that she needed to call animal Control.

  • And they said that they couldn't send anybody out until the morning.

  • At this point, I was just so burnt out from the day I had to be back by, like, eight in the morning for the next shift.

  • I'm like, this isn't my problem.

  • I believe it come to find out that it did actually make its way down by, like, 11, 11.

  • 30 Didn't get hurt.

  • I guess they banned both of them from the store.

  • It was pretty crazy, I guess.

  • Another day working in retail e had a customer come in.

  • And he told me that he had purchased $50 worth of minutes on his boost phone, and they never went to Hiss phone.

  • I checked the system.

  • I told them I'm sorry.

  • Unfortunately, there is no proof that you purchased these minutes and he went skerry crazy.

  • He took his home and he started smashing it on top of his head screaming You only a minutes.

  • You owe me the minute you only the minutes I'm standing there like Oh, my God.

  • What is this guy doing?

  • And then he took the phone, broke it in half, threw it at me across the count.

  • My manager finally decided to call the cops, and he waas escorted out.

  • The most memorable Black Friday story had to be about five years ago.

  • It was about 2015.

  • It was in Brooklyn, New York, and I could tell you it was freezing outside.

  • It was Brick, and all I could remember is walking about two hours in before the store opening and I could see a long line around the block.

  • I noticed there was a woman who appeared to be pregnant, and I was thinking, I've seen fights.

  • I've seen stampedes.

  • I've seen people pulling each other's hair over a TV.

  • This probably isn't the most safe environment for her to be in, but hey to each his own.

  • So I pressed on.

  • I go into the store.

  • Sure enough, two hours later, they allow everybody to walk into the store, someone jumping on the loudspeaker and saying Emergency and out.

  • Five.

  • Cleanup, emergency and outside.

  • I was curious to see why ran over the out five and lo and behold, it's the pregnant woman from outside.

  • She's in full on labor.

  • I was like, This is not happening right now, All you see is water everywhere from her water breaking police sirens is outside the ambulances rushing in.

  • I just remember her telling her husband, Let me go without just get the TV, get the TV.

  • And I was just like, Oh, boy, I hope she doesn't name her child Samsung or Target.

  • Yeah.

It's like raining like black snow, and then it starts pooping.

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