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  • I'm Mira, Royal Detective, and we're on the case.

  • We're on the case, we're on the case

  • I spy with my magnifying glass something with a hump.

  • - Check it out. - And, wow,

  • it looks very fancy.

  • - Hmm. - That looks like a camel.

  • - Wait, lots of camels. - Is it me, or does it seem

  • like there are a lot of camels around?

  • That's right, Chikku. This is a camel fair.

  • - Let's take a look. - It's like a big party.

  • Pretty amazing, huh?

  • People come from all over India

  • to celebrate camels.

  • Challa, challa! Let's go!

  • Look, they have a camel race coming up.

  • Get set. Go!

  • - ( bleating ) - Both: Whoa!

  • There's even a camel fashion show

  • where camels wear fancy decorations.

  • If we hurry, we can still get Tinku ready for the contest.

  • The camels are styled with shells, colorful blankets,

  • - and beads to dress them up. - Come on, Tinku.

  • Let's get you looking fabulous.

  • - ( bleating ) - At the camel fair,

  • there's a special parade where camels can show off

  • - their fancy costumes. - Five stars for Tinku!

  • Music is played all day long,

  • and some camels even dance.

  • Okay, big guy, do your thing.

  • Can you spot the dancing camels?

  • Look a little closer with your magnifying glass

  • - And lift, and bend. - That's right,

  • they are practicing for their big performance.

  • ( bleats )

  • We just solved the case

  • of the camel fairs,

  • an amazing event in India.

  • This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me!

  • Announcer: Come and solve more cases

  • with Mira, Royal Detective, on Disney Junior.

I'm Mira, Royal Detective, and we're on the case.

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Camels ? | We're On the Case | Mira, Royal Detective | Disney Junior

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