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  • In today's video, you will find out why sleeping with your fan on isn't good for you!

  • Do you know anyone who can only sleep when their fan is on?

  • Some people just can't sleep without a fan.

  • In most cases, it is because of the heat, but that's not always the case.

  • Some people like to listen to the noises of the fan, while others find it pleasing to

  • have a constant breeze blowing on their skin.

  • Although it doesn't offer any toxicological risks, sleeping with your fan on may bring

  • some health issues.

  • Besides drying your mouth and airways, intensifying your allergies and causing muscle cramps,

  • your fan might also be the cause of heart attacks, blood circulation issues, and brain

  • issues, like Alzheimer's, memory loss, or facial palsy.

  • It may even cause inflammation in the body like hemorrhoids, varicose veins, leg cramps,

  • and joint inflammations.

  • It is common to hear someone saying they went to sleep feeling good, just to wake up sore

  • all over the body.

  • The reason for that could be the fan on all night.

  • Did you know?

  • Wind reduces temperature and oxygen in the body, which causes inflammation.

  • Inflammation is a defense mechanism of our body.

  • When we feel cold, bacteria start proliferating, and the body swells to defend itself, which

  • causes inflammation that harms blood circulation.

  • Pain, especially in the neck, comes from the rigidity of the levator scapulae muscle, caused

  • by excessive and direct cold.

  • A cold wind directly on the neck may cause a big discomfort the next day.

  • Besides the neck, other parts of the body, like the legs, also suffer from it.

  • People with arthritis, arthrosis, gout, and other joint issues suffer a lot after sleeping

  • with their fans on all night long.

  • Generally speaking, all the muscles of the body are susceptible to tension in cold environments.

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  • But how to sleep well on the hot nights of summer?

  • The best thing is to avoid direct wind on your body.

  • If you have a ceiling fan, you can use the exhaust option.

  • If you can't avoid the wind over your body, the best solution is to cover yourself.

  • Also, if you use an air conditioner, your room should not be too hot, nor too cold.

  • The ideal temperature for good sleep is between 60F and 75F.

  • The humidity of your room should stay between 40 to 60% to make sure that your body will

  • function correctly.

  • If you sleep with your fan on because you like the noise, you should know that some

  • less invasive alternatives can help you: search for white noise.

  • That will help you relax and fall asleep.

  • If you suffer from that or know anyone who suffers from these health issues, share this

  • video with them to disseminate wellness!

In today's video, you will find out why sleeping with your fan on isn't good for you!

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Why Sleeping With a Fan On Is Bad for You

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    Miho Ishii posted on 2020/11/26
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