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  • from chips or crisps to fries and potato pancakes.

  • Many cultures have perfected recipes for the fried potato, but what if it was your entire food supply?

  • What if you Onley eight chips?

  • The most popular brand of chips worldwide is lays classic.

  • This 58 g snack sized bag contains 320 calories.

  • In order to get 2000 calories each day, you would need to eat six and a quarter bags.

  • One positive is you wouldn't get.

  • Scurvy chips have a surprising amount of vitamin C.

  • In fact, due to the dehydration during frying, they actually have mawr vitamin C per weight than a raw potato.

  • But in some negative news, a bag of chips has 0% of the recommended vitamin A, which can lead to eye infections and even a loss of vision.

  • You'd get 0% vitamin B 12, which can cause anemia and fatigue, as well as memory loss and even hallucinations.

  • You would also get negligible amounts of calcium and omega three fatty acid, meaning you'd have osteoporosis, poor wound healing and a weakening immune system.

  • What chips and other fried potato dishes would provide are large amounts of salt as well, a saturated and trans fats.

  • Relying on such a diet would leave you at risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure as well as heart, kidney and liver disease.

  • Probably the worst ingredient eating just chips would put into your body is a chemical known as acrylamide.

  • Acrylamide is considered a heat generated food toxicants and is known to be a muted gin, neurotoxin and carcinogen.

  • Researchers found that eating three small bags or even handfuls of chips every day for seven days increases acrylamide levels in your body by 46%.

  • And it's been estimated that french fries account for nearly a quarter of all the acrylamide in our diets.

  • Chips are also addictive.

  • In one study, mice were given a diet of either standard most food or a diet of chips.

  • An M R I scan revealed that chips activated parts of the brain associated with reward and addiction.

  • Sadly, the addictive nature of chips and the associated frequent chip consumption is linked to increased risk of mortality.

  • A recent study evaluated 4400 patients aged 45 to 79/8 years and found that those who ate more fried potatoes were more likely to die, though there are no studies that investigate in all chip diet, there is some anecdotal evidence.

  • In May of 2012, Ah, young man went to his doctor complaining about flu like symptoms.

  • He had gone from being relatively fit to being tired all the time and constantly out of breath.

  • After seeing a specialist, he discovered that he had cirrhosis of the liver, which was surprising because he didn't drink.

  • It turned out that his condition was the result of his diet, which consisted overwhelmingly of McDonald's french fries.

  • This young man eventually developed autoimmune hepatitis due to his eating habits and passed away at the early age of 20.

  • So all in all chips are a delicious occasional snack, and they should remain that way and never become a main component of your diet.

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from chips or crisps to fries and potato pancakes.

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What If You Only Ate Chips?

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