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  • I received the reliables from a reliable source saying that the Hawks are targeting some veterans shooting.

  • And Bogdan Gallinari, Uh, Joe Harris and Rondo are people that they were very interested in.

  • They feel like they can get two of these guys for sure.

  • Yeah.

  • Welcome back to the jump.

  • I'm Rachel Nichols.

  • Steer here with Kendrick Perkins, Zach Lowe, and you just heard firmer Atlanta Hawk current jump analysts Vince Carter on our free agency special on Friday.

  • And guess what, guys?

  • I don't know, Zack.

  • He might be giving you a run for his money.

  • He was right about Gallinari, right?

  • About Rondo being Hawks targets.

  • And another guy he mentioned is the subject of our first topic here, one of our favorite games.

  • Something nothing or everything.

  • Yes, restricted agent free agent Bogdan Bogdanovic has signed a four year, $72 million offer sheet with the Hawks.

  • The Kings have until tomorrow to match that offer.

  • If he stays with the Hawks, Vince Carter would be three for four on his predictions and reporting.

  • Zack.

  • So is this opera sheets something nothing or everything?

  • And do you need to add Vince Carter to the reporting team here at ESPN?

  • Well, first of all, he was also right about Joe Harris.

  • The Hawks would have loved to go after Joe Harris, but everybody knew he was going back to Brooklyn.

  • The book Donovan offer sheet is something actually really like.

  • It's fitted Atlanta.

  • I like it better than Danilo.

  • Gallinari is gonna have to play a lot of small forward for them, and I don't necessarily love that.

  • I like the idea of another really good ball handler on the wing who could get the ball out of Trey Young's hands a little bit and let Trey Young run around and set screens like Steph Curry does.

  • Trade could be really impactful and that kind of role and give some other guys a chance to handle the ball.

  • I think everyone's happier.

  • The ecosystem works.

  • So I really like this move by the Hawks.

  • And now we just wait to see if the King's matching.

  • The Hawks made it nasty with like a trade kicker and stuff I love.

  • When these offers, she's getting nasty.

  • It Rachel, Zach by Donovan toe.

  • The Hawks will be everything with Trey younger Bogdanovich.

  • This might be the best going backcourt in the NBA by Donovan is a guy that teams have to prep for a shoot around and make sure they have a focal point on how to stop him.

  • He is a walking bucket and you pat him along a guy that's a Level four score like Trae Young.

  • It is gonna be hard to stop them offensively.

  • I don't care about how terrible they on the defensive end.

  • If you got this much scoring power in your backcourt, you are.

  • You have a problem.

  • And then they could go with a three guard lineup where they have Rondo and playing the point and have both of those guys playing off the ball.

  • It could be serious.

  • We could see a splash.

  • Brothers, you know.

  • Ah, lower version of the Splash Brothers down there in Atlanta and I got Atlanta making the playoffs, even if Bogdanovich don't come.

  • But if he do come, they're gonna make the playoffs and actually make some noise in the playoffs.

  • That's how much of the fact that he's here he is.

  • So the question then Zach is are the king's gonna match, or is Bogdanovich gonna be in Atlanta Hawk next season?

  • uh, nobody knows.

  • Everyone's asking me that question today.

  • I think given that the King's already orchestrated a sign and trade for him that didn't actually work out, I would bet slightly against them matching.

  • It's a lot of money.

  • And they have a lot committed to Buddy healed.

  • And now Darin Fox and Harrison Barnes and Margaret Bagley's come up.

  • So I would bet slightly, no, but no team likes to lose a really good player for nothing.

  • So I think, you know, I'll say 60 40.

  • No, I don't feel confident in it.

  • What do you think the King should do?

  • Burke?

  • No, I think the king should match.

  • You can't get rid of.

  • Look, you can't let a guy like this just walk.

  • And I think what the King's already given, uh, given the young kid Fox his money.

  • You can't let the second option guy Ah, guy that shows you that he's a closer.

  • Ah, flat outscore.

  • Just leave your organization without trying to put up a effort.

  • So I do think the king should match.

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I received the reliables from a reliable source saying that the Hawks are targeting some veterans shooting.

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