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  • see East.

  • Right now, the Bills are the favorites.

  • According to the FBI, the Dolphins have over a 20% chance to win the division for the first time this season on the Patriots still have some work to do in the Jets down their field?

  • Well, let's just say, for the sake of discussion, quite unlikely.

  • So let me go around the horn here, and I will start with our C.

  • Tell me who you like to win the A F C East this year and why I like the Buffalo Bills, and I know they've kind of dipped as you've gotten to the latter part of this season.

  • But this defense is starting to play a little bit better.

  • They're starting to move around and get some turnovers.

  • Also, you look at Josh Allen and what he's been able to do with Stefon Diggs.

  • But now Cole Beasley is becoming a huge factor as well.

  • And I think as we get down the stretch and the Miami Dolphins have a couple of tough, tough games down the road, it'll go down two weeks.

  • 17.

  • It will be weeks 17 in Buffalo with a Buffalo Bills, teams that believes they should win that believes they should win the A f C East, and I believe they get it done that week.

  • Therefore, taking the division.

  • Yeah, that is their last game of the season.

  • You could easily see that one wind up being the one that gets flexed tonight.

  • Time because it could decide the A f c East.

  • Dominique, you are next.

  • Who do you like to win the A F C East?

  • I got to go with the Dolphins because their defense, unlike the Bills, is not coming together.

  • Their defense is together, their defense is real and they have been all season, and I'm not sure why do fools fall in love with Josh Allen?

  • Because he keeps making turnovers in making bad decisions.

  • Thio harking back to the Frankie Lymon reference.

  • But I love what they've built down there in Miami.

  • They are the team that's gonna win this division this year, and I know they have a tougher schedule going forward.

  • But I trust the better team.

  • I think they are.

  • The better team to us seems to be getting better every week.

  • I think he is probably going to be the better quarterback in the long run.

  • I think they pull it out this year, maybe a year ahead of schedule, given the fact that they have a ton of draft capital going forward.

  • I like this team to take over this division in the near future.

  • Here we are, basically a year practically to the day, removed from the terrible injury that to have suffered here he is with a chance to lead a team to a division with that thought in mind.

  • David Pollack.

  • Who do you like?

  • I like the Bills.

  • I'm with our C.

  • I don't think there there, I think Miami's defense is better.

  • But when you talk about Josh Allen when you talk about two, uh, when it comes down to the end of the season and and Miami Dolphins, by the way, have to go from Miami, Florida toe Buffalo, New York There's gonna be a lot of fun, by the way.

  • Those players would be super super, super excited about that, by the way.

  • But the Trump card for me, by the way, is 6 ft 5 to 40 and the play calling with Josh out like he can run the football 10 15 times a game, and I think it gives this offense.

  • By the way, let's go back to this off season is to fund digs.

  • I mean, giving up a one a four or five or six or seven.

  • All that draft capital when you see DeAndre Hopkins get traded for some trail mix and David Johnson.

  • I mean, it's unbelievable that you've got that kind of trade.

  • This offices.

  • You gave up all this, and by the way, it made this team perfect because Cole Beasley can be in the slot.

  • John Brown could be a guy, not the guy there.

  • Explosive.

  • They can run the football with Josh Allen.

  • I think the Bills, their offense.

  • Listen, Nick, I know I don't trust Josh Allen completely yet, but I think he could make enough plays with that team around them.

  • Miami Miami won the last game of the year in New England last year, just just a reminder.

  • I don't think they're scared of the cold.

  • Just that's fair, by the way, Hambo get me What is the temperature?

  • The average temperature at eight PM on January 3rd in Orchard Park, New York because that could easily be where that game winds up getting played.

  • Graziano last but not least, who do you like in the division?

  • I'm taking Miami because I picked him about a month ago when it was a contrary opinion, so I feel like I have to stick with it.

  • Look, their next three games are against the Broncos, Jets and Bengals.

  • It's a team that's already on a roll and can even extend that role even further.

  • Right now.

  • I mean, Mo Mentum is with them.

  • They have a ways to go.

  • They have to climb over Buffalo.

  • Buffalo is gonna have all the tiebreakers.

  • Buffalo is already four and on.

  • The division already beat Miami once, so it's going to be difficult.

  • But I'm with Dominique.

  • I like the way this defense has already come together.

  • I think these air to very well coached teams.

  • I like the young quarterback in Miami who's keeping it a little a little more careful.

  • Look, if the Dolphins do wind up edging out the division that Hail Mary at the end of the game in Arizona could wind up being the one play that costs the Bills.

  • As we continue, we go.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

see East.

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