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  • Joe Judge, head coach, New York Giants.

  • Future NFC East champions.

  • And by that I mean six or so weeks from now, I think the Giants gonna win that division.

  • The Eagles air in free fall and their terrible, and they look like they don't care.

  • The Cowboys are in free fall, and their terrible and help is not on the way at the quarterback position.

  • Washington is just unimaginably bad.

  • They continue to find ways to lose games, and they need to figure out what they're going to do.

  • A quarterback long term.

  • And then there are the Giants.

  • Look at the improvement in the Giants from the beginning of the season till now.

  • We were talking about their defense being historically bad at the beginning of the year.

  • Defense looks a lot better now.

  • We were talking about Daniel Jones, a turnover machine through much of his time there.

  • All of a sudden, he's not turning the ball over, and they're taking advantage of his ability to run.

  • It's not just the big running hand against Philly three weeks ago, and then the one yesterday he is running for first downs.

  • They're taking advantage of his athleticism and they're finding some places to go with some receivers.

  • Look, they're not good.

  • The Giants are not a good team, and any other division that we'd be talking about trying to get the first pick in the draft if you are the Giants.

  • But in that division where they could wind up something like they literally could wind up winning that division at six and 10, I don't think that's out of the question.

  • You probably will have to get to seven and nine.

  • The Eagles, by virtue of the Thai they have, will probably wind up getting to six wins and Onley nine losses, so you'll probably have to get the seven and nine.

  • And that's probably a mountain too tall to climb for the Giants.

  • But I'll tell you what.

  • I'm impressed with them, and Rex is, too.

  • We had this conversation on TV this morning.

  • I want you to hear Rex Ryan on the coach of the Giants Joe Judge, because he, I think, has turned a little bit of a corner with that team.

  • And of all, look, it's far too far to go to decide that he's going to be the Belichick disciple that works Bryan Flores in Miami.

  • I think has a leg up on that.

  • But I like what I'm seeing from it from a coach whose team plays hard form every single week.

  • And he was Rex Ryan this morning talking about Joe Judge, the coach of the Giants.

  • I have not been a Joe Judge fan at all, Joe Badass and all that.

  • That just that stinks.

  • But he I tell you what.

  • He got my respect, and he earned his team's respect the night before the game.

  • What he did was was absolutely brilliant.

  • He showed effort plays hustle, plays, passion.

  • And he said, This is our football team and to me, All of a sudden, the Giants came out a different team, like they could breathe a little bit.

  • And it wasn't Joe badass.

  • It was Joe's one of us, and to me, that was huge and his teams responding that way.

  • I'll tell you what.

  • So my hashtag k o.

  • D.

  • Is not that the Giants are gonna win the division.

  • I think they have a really good chance.

  • I think they're the best team in the division.

  • If you re started the season and played it all now they'd win it easily.

  • They're by far the best team right now in the division, but they put themselves so far behind the eight ball by looking so bad at the beginning of the year.

  • My hashtag Cody is this.

  • I think they have a quarterback.

  • All this talk about which teams would give up on the young quarterback that they have if they found themselves in a position to get another one, where the Giants with the Jets with the Dolphins with the Cowboys, if they wind up in a position to draft one of the quarterbacks.

  • I believe Daniel Jones is a quarterback.

  • I think they've got it.

  • I think they've got him.

  • If they find themselves in a position to trade back, they should.

  • I don't think they will, because there's only two quarterbacks in this draft.

  • People will kill themselves for, and the Giants is gonna be picked not going to be picking high enough to get either one.

  • But my hashtag Cody is for their quarterback because I think he's good.

  • I think they have a quarterback.

  • I think they just need a little patience.

  • They got a coach who I think the team likes playing for.

  • I'm impressed with what I see there.

  • The rest of the division is a catastrophe, all right, greeny with you presented by Progressive Insurance, my guests on the Shell Pennzoil performance line.

  • And then it comes back to the tie.

  • The tie that the Eagles had earlier this season, the tie that their head coach, Doug Peterson, was willing to accept late in and overtime against Cincinnati.

  • And, oh, everybody was crushing him for it.

  • You can't play for a tie.

  • I'd rather lose than Ty.

  • Look at the freaking standings now and tell me you can still say that with a straight face.

  • I said it then, and I'll say it again.

  • There are three possible outcomes of a football game.

  • Winning is better than tying, and tying is better than losing.

  • And I'm telling you right now, if the Eagles are going to make the playoffs this year, which at the end of the day is the goal, it will be because of the tie.

  • It will absolutely be because of the time.

  • And so when I was pounding the table about this two months ago, I was right and I'm still right and the next time it comes up, I'll be right again.

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Joe Judge, head coach, New York Giants.

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