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  • and comedy can say things that other people can't say.

  • They can cut in and criticize in a way that's it's packaged in through humor, and it can actually change a society.

  • But if you're not allowed to do real comedy, then are we all gonna pay for that?

  • Yes, we will.

  • Yes, absolutely.

  • We will.

  • I mean, there's so many things in what you said.

  • I mean, the great value of the court just about in medieval times was that he could say things that were a little bit cheeky about the King.

  • But everybody laughed, and the king couldn't really get cross because everyone else laughed.

  • You see what I mean?

  • So that the court jester was allowed to say things, and I know sometimes that I have that license is a sort of court gesture.

  • But there were so many things raised by that, quite ask it again because there's a least two other things you know there is because, well, first of all, comedy, when done really well and intelligently can change the narrative in the course of ah, civilization by pointing things out that a frontal assault wouldn't, for example, if you told the King that he was being lazy.

  • You get your head cut off.

  • But if a court jester does it, the king might get the idea and change his habits.

  • Exactly.

  • Exactly.

  • That's why he was so important in a medieval court.

  • But there were other things that you were saying.

  • I can't remember whatever.

  • But there was so many things package through.

  • The other thing was that if if we don't have that biting riel satirical comedy that's gonna upset the world people, which you're not allowed to do anymore because you'll get canceled on, the publishers will get canceled.

  • If we don't have that, how is that gonna hurt our society 10 years, 20 years on when we can't have that release, we can't have those ideas even entertained in our brains.

  • I just wonder, What does that do to us?

  • Well, it mean it means that there has to be a way of thinking, and you're in trouble if you don't think that way, which is, of course, complete opposite of a democracy.

  • It's good that people in a democracy argue, but they should argue and try and listen to each other's.

  • I say I've been following some of the trans stuff.

  • But I've been getting quite a lot of stuff to read.

  • And I wanna understand why.

  • If you disagree with the general trans attitude that makes you a hater of transgender people I don't get yet on, I don't think I'll ever can get it.

  • But I'm open to a NA argument that that's a form of hatred.

  • Not that I could see.

  • So if we're listening to each other, we learn.

  • I mean, if you have somebody, let's say Russian government that suddenly decides that there are no innate abilities, Um, as they did earlier on then.

  • That meant that scientists had to come up with all sorts of science to do with the fact that everything is a blank slate is formed by environment instead of from a relative.

  • So you just get nonsense spoken at the moment.

  • The biggest single nonsense is the refusal off science to accept some of the anomalies that are being pointed out by people who studied site phenomenon Ondas.

  • Someone who's read a lot of the metric You're all of it by scientists.

  • There is overwhelming evidence and some of the site phenomena to exist.

  • The science standing science can't face.

  • You know, I've had a guest here that they feel they can't explain.

  • It s so they say that's not possible.

  • Instead of saying we don't have a theory that could explain that which would be a more open minded way of approaching the problem.

  • And this with these air like concepts about the universe and scientific ideas.

  • And because there's something like remote viewing, which is Ah, there's a very interesting woman.

  • She was the the top woman in the American Statistical Association.

  • She made a speech a few years ago when she said, most of the existence of these sigh phenomena, like remote viewing on Greek cognition and telepathy, have been proved.

  • She said the only reason they haven't been proved is such a hot subject that the scientists weren't accepted.

  • This is a very good example of how a sort of groupthink among a certain group of people, just as you can't think or say that, I mean, if you are interested in side phenomena, you can't study it at university.

  • You can talk about it if you're a professor.

  • One professor told me this, but you can't talk about it, and you could be interested in the student.

  • You'll never get a PhD thesis on it, despite the fact there are experiments out there which are absolutely inexplicable.

  • The results in terms of ordinary materialist reductions, son, why my my worship while stop my wife?

and comedy can say things that other people can't say.

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COMEDIC TRUTH: Why It Is Important That Comedy Can Say Things That Other People Can't - John Cleese

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