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  • hair, makeup, wardrobe set design.

  • They all go such a long way to tell him the story and certainly help us.

  • His actors getting into the mindset.

  • There's something about walking onto a set and nothing being what we recognize in our world today way get to be, like, fully submerged in the experience of what these guys would have felt beginning this new journey in building this thing, you don't have to create your mind like what was it like to be in 1961 inside of this?

  • But I mean, here we are are incredible Production design team has gone to a ton of effort to research archives.

  • So you go back and you find one picture in history and then, you know, you're trying to figure out how to build it.

  • What's the purpose of it are NASA technician who is one of our technical advisors.

  • When he first came into this room, he kind of gasped and said, Oh my God, it feels like I'm back with these men were you know, some of the things were very challenging, but I think we pulled it off.

  • The space suits are dead on replicas of the NASA spacesuits Patrick Adams, and I hope you got to actually try ours on together.

  • And I'll never forget that moment because it was two kids on Christmas morning and you slide that thing under your body.

  • And especially when you put that helmet onto your head and it clips in your a kid again.

  • The wonderful An Roth once said that two people enter a fitting room and three people leave on.

  • That's the aim.

  • All of these folks were so game to wear, things that were different to go outside, their comfort level on.

  • I think that's made a huge visual difference in the show, all of the wardrobe and all the sets, even the cars that they put in the background just to drive through the back of a shot.

  • You look at any place that were shooting at the right angle, and it really is this 19 fifties throwback sandbox that we're all getting to play in.

  • There's been a lot of Karen Kraft us.

  • I think you can tell into making this world feel as authentic as possible.

hair, makeup, wardrobe set design.

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