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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your question of the week

  • today we have two words spatial relating to space

  • and special greater or different than usual or

  • important so let's take a look at our words we have spatial and special

  • so these words are only differing by the first vowel in the first syllable so

  • let's look at everything else so let's look at the ending shul yes

  • t-i-a-l is going to be pronounced as shul

  • and to do this we're going to say an sh sound that's two letters that represent

  • one sound sh your lips are rounded and the air just keeps

  • moving out of the mouth you do not touch your

  • teeth with your tongue then you are going to touch the back of

  • your top front teeth for the l sound lll lll

  • you're going to hold it there at the end of the word to make sure that people

  • can recognize that it's there

  • you get a slight uh sound in there while you're moving from the sh

  • to the l sound shul shul

  • okay now for the beginning we have that s

  • p sound so to say this you're going to start with an s sssss

  • so the tip of your tongue is going to be pointed down to the bottom of the mouth

  • or just behind the top front teeth and that air is going to keep

  • moving sss then you're going to close your lips

  • for the p don't open your lips more from that

  • s sound because that's going to add an extra vowel to smoothly move from the

  • s and then close your lips for that p sp sp sp

  • now for the vowels let's start with this short eh

  • sound you can see my mouth is open but it is relaxed

  • the tip of my tongue is going to be close

  • to the bottom teeth it is not touching the teeth

  • now for that long a and spatial your mouth is going to be more open

  • a and it's going to move to a closed smile a

  • when your mouth is more open for that a the tongue is going to be lower in the

  • mouth and then it's going to move too high and

  • flat a as opposed to e e e

  • so we have sp a shul

  • and special spatial and special spatial

  • spatial spatial special special special so give it a try

  • i know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

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  • thanks everyone

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your question of the week

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How to Pronounce SPATIAL & SPECIAL - English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/11/20
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