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  • this should be on November 7.

  • President Trump tweeted and I quote, I won this election by a lot and quote.

  • Obviously, that's not true.

  • President Trump lost the election.

  • The warning label that Twitter is applied to, the tweet says.

  • And I quote official sources may not have called the race when this was tweeted end quote.

  • Do you believe that label goes far enough to prevent the tweets harms when the tweet is still visible and not accurate?

  • I do because it's not just the surface level label.

  • It points to a collection of news articles of information and conversation that gives you an expansion on what's happening with the election.

  • I guess you see, my concerns are that these tweets aroused people, and it seems to me that Thean entity that runs this operation ought tohave an understanding that when there is a major situation that the tweets complain a a unique role in either reassuring or stirring people up.

  • E agree in spirit.

  • Our policy is focused on ah, misleading information around the election and the civic process to provide greater context to provide additive information so that people can make decisions around what's happening within the election, and that is three phases.

  • That's the run up to the election.

  • That's election Day.

  • Andi also, uh, the phase one right now.

  • Post election.

  • So our policies and enforcement are focused on providing more information, more context people in those three phases.

this should be on November 7.

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Feinstein grills Twitter CEO over Trump's false election tweet

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/20
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