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  • I'm worried about the Raiders.

  • The loan the loan loss on the Kansas City Chiefs resume this year is to the Raiders.

  • Then we got Jon Gruden and the Raiders talking a little smack.

  • I got news for you.

  • We're gonna find out a little something about Patrick Mahomes this weekend.

  • We know how good he is.

  • We know how great he is.

  • We get all of that, Max.

  • But people have been raving and and lording praise down upon, uh, Patrick Mahomes.

  • Since he became a starting leading into 50 touchdowns in this first year as a starter, we've seen all of that.

  • You know what we haven't?

  • The one thing we haven't seen from Patrick Mahomes Max is if he's angry and he feels like somebody's trying to throw shade on him, we have not seen how he would respond that we can only imagine how he would respond.

  • But we haven't seen it yet, and the Raiders are my team.

  • That I say, is the sleeper.

  • I think Jon Gruden is doing a hell of a job along with Mike Mayock.

  • I do.

  • I think they deserve a lot of credit.

  • I think Derek Carr, who's been on a mission to regain some of the respect he thinks he may have lost over the last few years.

  • He's having an outstanding season.

  • I've been very impressed with what I've seen with Derek are not turning the ball open, throwing the ball with some accuracy, are not folding under pressure.

  • Whatever.

  • I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Derek Carr.

  • Then you've got obviously rugs and you've got wall in these boys and Josh Jacobs running the football.

  • They could play smash mouth if you ask them to.

  • They've got a really good offensive line.

  • I'm just looking at the Raiders right now, and based on what I'm seeing from them, I'm like, Okay, what you got And because I think this weekend, regardless of everything I just said, I think the Chiefs are gonna give it to him.

  • The Chief's got I think the Chiefs go come out looking at that one blemish on their on their record.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I think we need to be looking for a potential blow out this Sunday with the Chiefs and the Raiders.

  • We need to keep our eyes on that.

  • The Raiders better be ready because they could be in some trouble.

  • Well, the Chiefs are capable of blowing out any team, and I hear what you're saying.

  • I think it's an interesting point about Mahomes and the Chiefs.

  • Like they have something to prove now against the Raiders.

  • You know, divisional rival.

  • But the Chiefs Let's not forget, I mean, the Raiders.

  • Rather, let's not forget had the same situation going into the first game.

  • So Derek Carr, especially, can you throw it down the field and can you and he?

  • Obviously, it was highly motivated.

  • Let's see what happens with Mahomes now.

  • I like that point, Um, but if the question is, can the Raiders win again?

  • The answer is yes.

  • A lot of things have to go right, but they did the first time they met.

  • First of all, the Chiefs want to avoid shootouts, which is shocking.

  • I keep telling you this.

  • Stephen A.

  • K C.

  • Joyner the football scientists, appears on the Max Kellerman show.

  • ESPN Radio 2 p.m. Eastern.

  • Check it out, Andi informed me several weeks ago.

  • Chiefs want to avoid shootouts.

  • What?

  • When Mahomes burst on the scene in 2018, were beating everyone with shoes What do you mean?

  • They want to avoid shootouts.

  • They want to avoid shootouts there above 500 those kind of games, but not much.

  • And in every other game they're almost undefeated.

  • So if you can get into a shootout with the Chiefs, at least you have a chance.

  • But the Raiders didn't simply get into a shootout with them.

  • They got excellent line play.

  • They had some speed on the outside, and Derek Carr was throwing good passes.

  • That accurate passes down the field, so they jumped out to a lead.

  • And in the second half, rather than continuing to do that, Gruden showed his chops, which you know you've watched through it all.

  • You know he's got him, uh, coaching chops.

  • When he stopped taking those shots down the field and with the lead starts to run the ball right, a lot of things went right for them, including excellent offensive line play against the Chiefs defense, which in the last year and a half has actually been very good for the most part.

  • Um, excellent play by Derek Carr and Smart coaching late in the game to grind it out after throwing the ball down the field.

  • The question is, can the Raiders repeat that or in Gruden, have another trick up his sleeve?

  • In other words, do we think that's a parlor trick?

  • Gruden ran?

  • Or do we think he's actually an excellent coach and can make adjustments?

  • I think Gruden's actually an excellent coach and can make adjustments.

  • Um, I think Derek Carr is capable of playing at a high level, whether or not he always does.

  • He'll be highly motivated to to do that now.

  • And I think the Raiders have shown that they can draw the Chiefs into a shootout into a slugfest, which at least gives them the chance they could sweep.

  • The Chiefs could wind up losing the season, Siri's getting swept by the Raiders and those being the only two losses on their record in the regular season.

  • This could happen.

I'm worried about the Raiders.

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'I'm worried about the Raiders' - Stephen A. predicts the Chiefs will get revenge | First Take

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