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  • before Wuhan became known as ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak, it was famous for its breakfast.

  • It's like a 200 actually, you're gonna just him if you sit up a mix of spicy, salty, nutty and sour.

  • It's a simple noodle dish.

  • Yes, what's the E?

  • So, uh, I mean, that's really meant a lot.

  • No, but A a piping hot noodles served without broth offers a hearty streetside.

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  • Spoke to Tiffany Rod about the dish and American share whose father is from Wuhan, and this motivated her to find out more about the region's food.

  • It's something that if you ask anybody, it's just a simple dish.

  • It's not pretty.

  • It's not cute.

  • It's not anything fancy, but we love it.

  • Located on the confluence of two rivers, Wuhan has long been a major port city, and dockworkers who had to start work at the break of dawn would look for a hearty breakfast over the years.

  • Ah, vibrant breakfast culture was born.

  • Locals call it gotta, meaning to pass the morning in Wuhan breakfast.

  • It's kind of so sacred to them that they have their own terminology for it.

  • I just haven't seen a region give that level of reverence where it has its own name, and in the morning it's like a ritual where everybody goes to their preferred stall or their preferred spot.

  • Popular Wuhan breakfast items include fried dough sticks, rice doughnuts, steamed dumplings and bean pies, all found on the street.

  • But the most famous Wuhan dish remains hot.

  • Dry noodle.

  • Yeah, it's so associated with Wuhan that many locals who emigrate opened up hot, dry noodle stalls, pulls a lot.

  • It very much is a street food.

  • It's that idea of pulling people out of the house to live among the community to be around their neighbors.

  • The fact that that is part of this in green value that is worked into breakfast is something that's really touching for me.

  • So when I was looking at a lot of videos around the time that the coronavirus broke out, it hit me really hard to see the streets being empty.

  • In that way, to know how important it is for these people to have their morning rituals, you really see how something like this deeply impacts that community.

  • A sphere of the virus spreads.

before Wuhan became known as ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak, it was famous for its breakfast.

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The Noodle Dish That Built Wuhan

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/20
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