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  • We are back on, Get up and and Mel Kiper's latest big board, Trevor Lawrence estate, put at the top.

  • Justin Fields has moved up for number three to number two, so it sets up a very intriguing quarterback draft this year.

  • Lawrence, of course, led Clemson to the 2018 football championship with one more win.

  • He will match the most wins as a starting quarterback in Clemson history with 32.

  • While Fields has had an unbelievable start, is here in Ohio State leads the country in total Q B R and completion percentage.

  • He has 11 passing touchdowns and 11 incompletions for the numbers are, just, frankly, ridiculous.

  • Now I would love everyone to take a look at a story that are NFL senior writer Jeremy Fowler has put together on ESPN.

  • Com.

  • And he and Luis Riddick joined me here.

  • You were spoke to several NFL executives, Jeremy and Scouts, about the top quarterbacks in this class.

  • What are you hearing them say about Trevor Lawrence and historical comparisons?

  • Well, green, the hype is pretty incredible.

  • I talked to a G M who brought up, unprompted that this guy's the best prospect since Andrew Luck and I think he's better.

  • Some people just believe that he's a unicorn skill set at 6 ft six overall athleticism, and many agree he's one of the best pure passers of the football that they've seen in a long time so they can pick his accuracy a little bit hovers around 65% in his first two seasons.

  • But it's funny you ask these people around the league, how would they rate his weaknesses?

  • And they pretty much say, Well, yeah, there's not much there.

  • He's about to clean prospect that they've seen.

  • They feel like he's gonna be pretty much game ready when he comes out in April.

  • All right, so there are almost no questions about him and Luis, obviously, you're busy doing Monday Night football.

  • You'll do your scouting and all that kind of film work, obviously, as we get closer to the draft.

  • But from what you have seen, when you have seen from Lawrence and what you've seen from Justin Fields, what is your assessment of the distance between them at one and two?

  • Yeah, I don't see it is being something that's just so tremendously.

  • Why that Justin Fields right now who you would assume was would be the consensus number two quarterback couldn't close the gap and have some people going well, we kind of like with Justin Field brings to the table, so I don't I don't see it being that wide.

  • Look, Justin Fields went head.

  • You know, he almost had his team in the national championship game in that national semi final game.

  • You know, in a few breaks go his way of Ohio State is playing for the national championship instead of instead of Clemson.

  • So I really like the things that he's doing.

  • I think the thing that really for me after watching the film and this let me be clear.

  • I have not watched these guys close enough to really give an honest assessment.

  • But I think the thing for me that would really make some difference and really like it would really resonate with me.

  • Is the interview process that you would have both with these individuals and with their coaching staff?

  • So that means Dabo, Swinney and with Ryan Day, and we'd have to, you know, take it from there.

  • There's a lot of information still to be gathered about these two.

  • There's no question that Trevor Lawrence is a freak out there.

  • I mean, he looks like a guy who would give you nightmares to try and defend, no question about that.

  • But Justin Field has played very, very well, and Ryan Day is a very, very good coach.

  • So I think both of these guys, we're gonna have great careers.

  • Provided that the NFL teams take care of them the way they should.

  • Well, that really becomes, then the next piece of this.

  • So, Jeremy, what are people around the league saying about what could happen?

  • Let's just say the Jets wind up with the number one overall pick.

  • What is the expectation?

  • Well, it would be pretty clear cut at that point.

  • Everybody I've spoken to believe that they would take Trevor Lawrence.

  • But here's how this will shake out greeny.

  • They have to ensure that one Lawrence is coming out.

  • Now, I've spoken to a few execs who believe he's at least considering staying at Clemson.

  • At the end of the day, they do expect him to leave, but you know, it's at least a thought right now, so if he goes in the draft, they wanna make sure they're on the same page of Lawrence that he knows he's gonna be a jet.

  • He'd be happy to be a jet and that they can turn in that card.

  • They have to do that before they can even start to shop.

  • Sam Donald, a quarterback they still very much like they have 32 games of file on him, you know?

  • They know him well.

  • They believe that he could be in the right system and with right playmakers around him, a good quarterback.

  • That's why they believe he would have value if it comes to that.

  • You know Joe Douglas, he looks for bargains.

  • He would probably want a first round pick for Donald.

  • He might not be able to get that, but there would be some interest for him closer to late April and then quickly, because the thing that I found most interesting in your piece or the sleeper teams that you think could be targeting a quarterback in this draft teams we're not talking about share some of those.

  • Watch out for Carolina.

  • This is a team I've continuously heard is intrigued by the 2021 draft class.

  • They're all in on Matt rules long term.

  • You know they wanna be good now, but they're okay being really good in 2022 or 23 now they got Teddy Bridgewater for two more years under contract.

  • That's perfect for them.

  • He can continue to play games or if they want to groom a guy behind him, that's gravy to and San Francisco Greeny.

  • I've talked to several coordinators around the league who believe Kyle Shanahan should really go all in on an athletic young quarterback that they can throw on the move and run the ball with.

  • You think they think he could dominate the game if he does that really interesting to watch?

  • Jeremy of Peace again recommended reading on ESPN dot com with a lot of people talking about all of these quarterbacks and the musical chairs that could wind up getting played.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

We are back on, Get up and and Mel Kiper's latest big board, Trevor Lawrence estate, put at the top.

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Breaking down NFL expectations for Trevor Lawrence & Justin Fields | Get Up

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