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  • A long awaited report says there is credible evidence that Australian elite soldiers unlawfully killed 39 people during the Afghan war.

  • It has uncovered what the head of Australia's armed forces says is a shameful record off a warrior culture among some soldiers.

  • He's apologized to the Afghan people from Sydney.

  • Shaimaa Khalil reports these Air Australia's Indian troops risking their lives in Afghanistan.

  • Their mission was to help the people against the Taliban insurgency.

  • It's May 2012 and the soldiers of three squadron essay essay heading north from there.

  • But this Australian documentary claimed unarmed civilians were unlawfully killed by some of those special forces.

  • The target is an insurgent bomb maker.

  • Now, after a four year internal inquiry, the Australian Defense Force has revealed that what some of these soldiers did on the battleground could potentially be a war crime.

  • Leave what these findings alleged.

  • The most serious breaches off military conduct and professional values, the killing, the unlawful killing off civilians and prisoners is never acceptable.

  • The inquiry found credible evidence that 39 Afghan men and teenagers had been unlawfully killed.

  • Allegations include junior soldiers being coerced into executing prisoners to get their first kill in a practice known as blooding, and that weapons were planted on victims to make it look like the killings were legitimate.

  • The defense chief apologized to the Afghan people and said the alleged violations would have devastated the lives of families and communities, causing immeasurable pain and suffering.

  • And many know that suffering all too well.

  • This man told us about the day his brother was allegedly killed by Australian troops.

  • Way were fishing and having a picnic.

  • Around noon, the foreigners carried out their raid.

  • They arrested my brother and took him to a corner.

  • A few minutes later, they shot him in the head three times and once in his stomach.

  • Once they'd left, we went over and saw my brother's dead body lying on the ground.

  • Especially Investigator will now be a pointed toe look at the findings, gather evidence and then presented to the public prosecutor.

  • It's a process that could take years.

  • It may well take Justus long for the culture inside the defense force to change, but the leaders no, there is no other choice.

A long awaited report says there is credible evidence that Australian elite soldiers unlawfully killed 39 people during the Afghan war.

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“Credible evidence” that Australian soldiers unlawfully killed 39 people in Afghanistan - BBC News

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