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  • We're all trying to get through this time right now as best we can.

  • I know that this must be nice for you.

  • Your father has moved much closer to you.

  • He lives here in Los Angeles now, doesn't he?

  • Yeah.

  • My dad and my stepmom.

  • Janice, that's cool.

  • Is it nice?

  • I mean, you get to see your dad all the time.

  • Now what does he like it here?

  • He loves it.

  • It's so funny.

  • Because I never think of l.

  • A is a city because I never lived in a city before, you know, Like that's right, because he was He was in, uh, New Hampshire, which there's no, I mean, if you get four trees together, you know, like that's the Citi Field.

  • But that's it.

  • Yeah.

  • Did I ever tell you this?

  • One time he goes.

  • When I first moved out here, there's just a boxed in a Boston accent story.

  • But he goes, Where do you keep your tax stuff?

  • And I go, I keep it in a drawer and then he makes fun of me.

  • He goes, Oh, you keep it in a drawer, keep it in a drawer.

  • Yeah.

  • How do you spell that I go d r a w e r He goes you shit in May, right?

  • We know one could speak correctly and he rides a little.

  • He's got a little, like, adult tricycle.

  • What?

  • You know, there's, like, adult tricycles.

  • No, I haven't seen that.

  • He won't get a rascal because that's what old people ride, right?

  • He loves his tricycle.

  • He doesn't wanna be humiliated by riding a rascal.

  • So he got a big tricycle?

  • Yeah.

  • Decorated.

  • Um, you've said before that you enjoy occasionally smoking pot with your dad.

  • Is that still the case?

  • I we've smoked.

  • We just smoked on Saturday, actually, after we have every Saturday, we have.

  • Ah, backyard.

  • You know, we'll get, um, sandwiches or whatever, and I've got three sisters out here.

  • They're partners.

  • My dad, my step mom and we are in the backyard.

  • And after dinner this time we passed around a joint was good.

  • Well, that's nice.

  • And your dad, your dad took a few puffs.

  • Yeah, like a champ.

  • I mean, it's crazy.

  • Hey, barely even coughed.

  • And then my stepmother doesn't like to put smoke in her lungs.

  • So Roy re My boyfriend gave her worries.

  • The new guy, the boyfriend?

  • Cool.

  • He gave Janice a, uh, edible.

  • And then we forgot about it.

  • Then we're sitting around.

  • He's got a fire pit and he was sitting like here.

  • Rory, Rory is on the ground.

  • He's like, you know, we're just kind of run.

  • She's on a chair and all of a sudden she looks at Rory and she goes, Are you giving me a pedicure way?

  • Just look at each other and were like, Oh, yeah, I forgot.

  • It's starting to kick in.

  • It's starting.

  • Says the best things when she's on inedible, so go like I can feel my clothes.

We're all trying to get through this time right now as best we can.

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Sarah Silverman Gets High With Her Dad & Stepmom - CONAN on TBS

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