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  • Yolanda, what are we making today?

  • Awesome.

  • Meet Yolanda.

  • She's from Beijing.

  • Inspired by the flavors of her childhood,

  • in 2015, Yolanda opened up a jianbing food truck

  • in New York City called Flying Pig.

  • When you were growing up in Beijing,

  • was this very common?

  • On the streets?

  • Yeah, it's harder to find.

  • Jianbing has been around in Tianjin for 600 years,

  • and the city is so proud of it that in 2018,

  • they launched a rubric with instructions

  • on what an official jianbing should look like.

  • Here's how she makes them.

  • Traditionally, a pure mung bean-based batter

  • is used to make the crepe.

  • Does that make a difference in the texture?

  • I see.

  • Yours is primarily wheat and mung bean flour?

  • Okay.

  • And is it one egg per jianbing?

  • So the egg is kind of the glue that

  • holds this whole thing together.

  • It's then brushed with a secret sauce

  • that's basically a combination of a sweet bean sauce

  • and fermented bean paste.

  • She adds some scallions, cilantro, and this piece of fried dough,

  • which is called baocui in Chinese.

  • Now, that's usually it for a traditional jianbing,

  • but Yolanda takes her pancakes a couple steps further.

  • In this version, she adds lettuce and a delicious slab of pork.

  • And this version has crayfish,

  • a summer staple in China.

  • Flying Pig was considered one of the first jianbing vendors

  • in New York City.

  • Today, the northern Chinese street snack is a common sight

  • in not only New York,

  • but California and Texas as well.

  • And the variations are endless.

  • So Yolanda's version of jianbing was actually really, really good.

  • I'm not used to having crayfish or braised pork in a jianbing,

  • but that was a really amazing addition.

  • To be honest, before going up there to northern China,

  • I didn't know that much about northern Chinese food.

  • But I actually really like it,

  • and we're going to be rolling out more stories

  • on food from Beijing and Tianjin.

  • And don't forget to subscribe @Goldthread2.

Yolanda, what are we making today?

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How An NYC Food Truck Founder Took a Chinese Crepe to the Next Level

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