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  • There was no way I would have been able to cope in society if I hadn't come here.

  • It's no secret that for many, lock down has Bean a bit difficult.

  • But care farms like this one in England are offering support.

  • Andan opportunity to swap therapy sessions on zoom for fresh air and farm life, with vital public services for vulnerable people shut down or reduced to video calls.

  • Future roots is providing a lifeline for people struggling with mental health.

  • For teenagers.

  • Liam Halt and Emily trysts, working with animals and outdoor time has Bean transformative.

  • I was not having a good time at school and home, Andi.

  • Now I'm back here the best bits out it is seeing how everybody's and during it and having fun with all the animals.

  • I had a lot of stress issues, high stress levels, quick fire snaps because locked down came around and everything.

  • I had no control over it.

  • The person that was helping may I couldn't see her face to face.

  • Children and young people can be referred here by their schools for animal assisted therapy and training in agriculture and cookery schools.

  • Julie Plumlee, a Dorset farmer's daughter on professional social worker, founded Future roots in 2000 and six, she says.

  • For some young people, social distancing has bean devastating.

  • We had so many social workers contact us to say, Can you take this young person, that young person that suddenly had nothing at all?

  • Onda When they came here, you could see that there was just so thankful.

  • Abbey Edmund used to come here as a child.

  • Now she's training as a nurse and still comes here to help out coming here, learn to process a lot of true woman That might not just being through Julian son, it was actually just being able to wander off.

  • Go chat to a cow.

  • The cow can't tell my secrets on future Roots isn't the only one at another care.

  • Farm Pathways founder Jeff Stevens is on a mission to beat loneliness.

  • Loneliness and isolation is gripping people.

  • You bring them out here and they start mixing with 5, 10, 12 people.

  • They've got relationships going.

  • They've got conversations going.

  • They're using their gray matter.

  • 31 year old Sally Pain comes here with her mother, Susan, to feed llamas and clean out animal pens.

  • I have autism.

  • A diagnosis for autism on anxiety and depression.

  • Yeah, E like e.

  • Like coming here because it gives me, like structure and fresh air and exercise.

  • Well, that's good for the mental health.

  • It's given me a sort of backup team.

  • You can feel very alone when you're dealing with a child with difficulties, so they're being supportive to me as well.


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UK care farms offer a lifeline during lockdown

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