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  • I want you to picture your kitchen at home.

  • And if you're like most people, you can trace many of your groceries back to the original source.

  • And so it's this farm to table sense of knowing the local grower who is responsible for your produce.

  • E spent a lot of time thinking about the future of the retail grocery industry.

  • Today, about 10% of U.

  • S shoppers are buying the groceries online, and that's steadily increasing with new technologies like I o t.

  • Like artificial intelligence, this concept of a smart kitchen that could restock itself.

  • We're not very far away from that grocery Retailers Air challenged to Match smart kitchens with Smart Isles is you think about new technologies like I O.

  • T.

  • You can start to play sensors within the store, which are essentially data sponges that are soaking up all the shopper insights and behavioral patterns, and you start to look at the patterns within the store.

  • Are we seeing the right conversion?

  • Are we seeing the right movements in the store to be able to make smarter business decisions?

  • Data is Onley useful if you can process it quickly and you can process it efficiently.

  • If you can do that, you turn data into really intelligence that you can use to personalize the customer.

  • Experience my smartphone, competing me with a personalized discount that's crafted for me.

  • And so if I click on that discount, I could be presented with a store map toe.

  • Actually find these items, and now I could be guided through the aisles with showing that lights up a zai approach.

  • It insights need to be processed very close toward the data set.

  • Sits will give you an example.

  • If you're standing in the produce aisle, there isn't time to send the data to an offsite processing center back to the store and then back down to the customer.

  • So in today's era, seconds matter.

  • In the customer experience, the future of the grocery industry belongs to those organizations that can process data at the edge of your network.

  • In that way, the concept of edge to edge intelligence is tailor made for the grocery business.

  • Because we want to keep our data is close to the source is possible.

  • Justus.

  • We want our food to travel a short distance from the farm to the table.

I want you to picture your kitchen at home.

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How IOT Gives Rise To Smart Stores

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/20
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