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  • This is what a champion goldfish looks like.

  • Yeah, rent for a city in northern China that's famous for its annual goldfish beauty contest.

  • Every judges pick one goldfish out of hundreds of contestants for the top price, you want a e o take a gold fish.

  • Breeders from all over China come here to showcase the price.

  • Pets.

  • Records of goldfish date back to the Jin Dynasty When Chinese people noticed that some silver cup came in red, orange and yellow variations, people eventually realized they were natural mutations and by the Tang Dynasty.

  • 300 years later, wealthy families were building gardens with ponds specifically to raise golden carp.

  • And that's how the goldfish, as we know it came to be.

  • Here in China, it is a symbol of wealth and fortune.

  • Uh, the mother, a goldfish division off China's Fishery Association, is based in the Booth Group.

  • Campaigned heavily for the local government to capitalize on this culture and started competition.

  • Uh huh.

  • Couto, uh, you're going down the road for the, uh, conducting the slaying, that dandy Don Foods all, uh, many Oh, me.

  • He is the owner of the champion goldfish you saw at the beginning of this video.

  • What?

  • You're gonna have to ensure that.

  • What do you work?

  • The mucus.

  • Your friends way asked a judge what makes one goldfish more beautiful than hundreds of others way Hangzhou, Shenzhen, tomato.

  • And not only must it look good, but a winning goldfish has to be memorable.

  • The u Shenton take a Shanley.

  • You know, you show what you could have fish that still everyone's heart this year.

  • So the training here e o a.

  • Just curious.

  • How much is this special work Now that has become a grand champion?

  • Maybe you're building left.

  • You think you thought you thought Miss, you want you can usually things you know her.

  • How do you even with major major food?

  • Yeah.

  • Put your special about Marciano guillotine, Cuba.

  • Children don't get, huh?

This is what a champion goldfish looks like.

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Meet the Miss Universe of Goldfish

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