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  • It is my fervent belief that Mawr young quarterbacks are ruined in the NFL than developed.

  • And if you look at the success of the Cardinals right now, yes, Murray is terrific.

  • But it is an organizational success because they put him in a position to succeed.

  • You cannot play quarterback by yourself.

  • And if there's one thing we've learned about what Kyler Murray is done, we know he's remarkably athletic.

  • So what does Cliff Kingsbury done?

  • Spread the field?

  • Let's give him space.

  • If he's gotta run around and create, by all means, what does he do extremely well, he reads the zone read.

  • If you look at how well they're performing in productivity on a play by play basis, when they go zone read.

  • It's ridiculous among the best in the entire NFL.

  • And they also have surrounded him like you said greeny, with exceptionally good talent that can get it done on their own.

  • Give it to the guys in space and let him eat.

  • Then you've got a weapon in Larry Fitzgerald that's so reliable, so trustworthy.

  • You know exactly where he's gonna be in a Christian Kirk that can create on his own not to mention DeAndre Hopkins.

  • So everything about Kyler Murray is set up to succeed with long term.

  • It's his maturity, though that continues to be just the tiniest bit of a question.

  • But that's comes in time.

  • He's still a young player and hopefully those things he irons out over the course of his career.

  • So So I grew.

  • Let's look in the Marcus Spears crystal ball next three years.

  • Is he the M V p of the league?

  • Yeah, he'll be again.

  • He'll have an M V P Award within the next three seasons.

  • Look, he's making the point.

  • He's putting himself on the map right now on based on how the rest of the season goes.

  • He could be very well in that conversation in the thick of things.

  • But I wanna go back to Greg's point, like winning.

  • The M V.

  • P has a lot to do with being put in the right situations.

  • And look, he got a guy that could take the top off of a defense and Christian Kurt, he has a guy that could be a tremendous possession receiver and fits, and obviously we know DeAndre Hopkins is one of the top three receivers in this league in an offense that is giving him room to operate.

  • Column ER is taking advantage of what's been given to him and the things that are at his disposal, and he has an organization that's saying, Hey, go be you go do what you do And we will continue to put people around you that are also a lead at their positions to give you the best opportunity to have success and us the best chance to win.

  • And that's what it's gonna be for the for the foreseeable future.

  • And the caliber of beat M V P within the next three years.

  • Totally agree.

  • And look, I'm not in any way Dan Graziano comparing Cliff Kingsbury to Andy Reid, who was accomplished so much in the league.

  • But the circumstances with Mahomes Field similar to me, you put the player in the perfect situation to succeed.

  • I think the key thing it was a year after they hired Steve Wilks to coach him and drafted Josh Josh Rosen in the top 10, they didn't decide.

  • We're gonna change coaches.

  • We're gonna change quarterbacks.

  • They decided we're gonna change programs.

  • We have the opportunity to draft this guy Number one.

  • We could bring in a coach that could build something around.

  • We can draft a million wide.

  • Receivers were going to be something different because it has a higher ceiling.

  • And so far, the early returns air good.

  • Yes, and give them credit for being willing to admit mistakes like a lot of people will not do that.

  • We drafted the wrong guy.

  • We hired the wrong coach that they went and they made their move.

  • And so far, it has worked.

  • Huge.

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It is my fervent belief that Mawr young quarterbacks are ruined in the NFL than developed.

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Kyler Murray will be NFL MVP in the next 3 years – Marcus Spears | Get Up

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