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  • Hey guys, what's going on? So today's scene  is absolutely hilarious, it's fantastic for  

  • learning about American sarcasm and of course  will help you to understand every single joke.  

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  • Aww yeah, so I hope you're laughing a bit  already, but before we jump in to learn all  

  • that vocabulary and pronunciation, I want to  let you know that if you are new here,  

  • every week we make fun lessons like this, so that  you can understand your favorite TV series

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  • Hey again, I just wanted to remind you  

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  • All right I hope you have had a ton of fun  today. Don't forget to download that FREE  

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  • classroom and live your English! Aww yeah!

Hey guys, what's going on? So today's scene  is absolutely hilarious, it's fantastic for  

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