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  • Hey, guys, it's Guy Jackson here with Harper's Bazaar and I am going to be showing you guys my night routine.

  • So the first thing I'm going to be using is one size there.

  • Go off, makeup dissolved.

  • Missed.

  • This is not sponsored or anything, but this is literally the best makeup solver I've ever used.

  • It literally takes your makeup off with one swipe.

  • So I just shake it up and I spray on my face and I like to put a lot on as you could see, and it's very oily.

  • And I'm gonna take my rag that I have and just watch how it takes my makeup literally once, like I was always looking for something that would get my make about fast and quick because I feel like the wipes never worked for me.

  • The wipes were just like okay, but you gotta keep using wipes and keep using wipes, and then you run out and have to get more.

  • No, this is literally perfect.

  • Next step, I'm going to be using ISS ST Ives Fresh skin, apricot scrub.

  • I don't use it often.

  • I usually use it ones, or maybe three times a month, toe really clean my skin.

  • Good.

  • If I feel like I've been wearing a lot of makeup and I'm going to take a little bit on my hand like a dab, not that much.

  • And I'm just gonna place it on my skin.

  • And some people say this is not good for your skin.

  • I've been using this for years, and honestly, it works for me.

  • Not everything works for everyone.

  • And I'm just gonna scrub good, make sure all the dead skin it's coming off.

  • I don't use it that often, but when I dio and makes my skin feels so good, it makes me feel like I really got everything together and out because I don't wearing a lot of makeup lately.

  • I don't like it literally.

  • I'm not type of person.

  • I do not like wear makeup or I'll only wear like on the weekends if I go out.

  • But for the most part, I just like to let my skin break.

  • So this is how I get all of it off.

  • I just lightly take it off to make sure all residue is off my face.

  • I also clean my edges because you know I put product in them at the end of the day.

  • And I also wear my headband so that the product doesn't get in my hair.

  • E don't wanna have messy hair or wet hair.

  • Now, next up, I'm gonna be taking some facial toner.

  • Which hazel by?

  • I think it's fares or tires.

  • Um, focus.

  • That is what it looks like.

  • I'm going to take this and this really just cleans the skin.

  • It tones it and really gets everything off.

  • So even though you didn't wash your face, you scrubbed it sometimes is leftover dirt or leftover makeup and this for me.

  • Really?

  • Just make sure it gets off fully.

  • This is the last step.

  • So I'm gonna using Nani glow.

  • It's a face oil by Kora Organics by the amazing Miranda Kerr.

  • I love her with this face.

  • Oil works really good for me.

  • I somewhat have combination skin.

  • A lot of the times my skin is really dry, but if I have makeup on it can get pretty oily.

  • It's literally a cute little dropper.

  • Someone take it and I will drop So So I did to my cheeks, one of my forehead on I'm just gonna nicely Could that into my skin, so I usually track it down to my neck.

  • Ah, lot of people think that you need to use these expensive, like, $100 skin creams.

  • They might work for some people.

  • They don't work for me.

  • So yeah, Thank you, guys So much for watching my little night routine and what I do before I go to bed.

  • And thank you so much, harpist.

Hey, guys, it's Guy Jackson here with Harper's Bazaar and I am going to be showing you guys my night routine.

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Skai Jackson's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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