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  • because you look like an overnight success.

  • You know, when people look at your Wikipedia page.

  • So like, Oh, this guy, he blew up in wrestling.

  • And then from there he immediately did d d p y.

  • And now he's on Netflix.

  • But it's not like that.

  • I think it's important for people to know that you got to believe in yourself.

  • And a lot of times your friends and family actually just don't believe in you.

  • They're not the ones that support you.

  • A lot of times they're the ones that are thinking.

  • You know what, honey?

  • Maybe you should just, you know, walk away from the half a million and go do something normal.

  • But like you gotta have vision and focus to push through 100%.

  • I mean, it's like owning it positively unstoppable.

  • You brought the book up earlier.

  • The art of owning it.

  • It is that six inch piece of real estate and between your ears, the story.

  • You tell yourself that voice that's you know so much, so many times.

  • Like when I blew my back out and those three spine specialist told me my career is over, the emotional gravity inside me sucked me down and for about a week, and it was probably the longest ever, because if I ever get bummed out or start feeling a little depressed, it's like a couple of hours, and I pulled myself out of it.

  • But this was a really big deal, like everybody said, I couldn't do it, you know?

  • And they said They've said that my whole life.

  • But you know, when I started doing the yoga I knew was helping me.

  • But I knew it wasn't everything I needed.

  • And that's where the whole D D.

  • P.

  • Y thing comes from that I I just knew that if it was ever gonna happen, I was gonna have to make it my own.

  • But the biggest thing I had to stop doing was emotional gravity.

  • I had to stop with the negative talk and like an example would be When I went up for my all of fame ring, I hadn't been in front of a crowd like that in 15 years.

  • We're talking about 20,000 people in an arena when we do our Hall of Fame, millions of people watching on U.

  • S.

  • A.

  • And on W W network and I could have been in my head.

  • What was I thinking?

  • Writing a 27 minute speech.

  • What if my iPad freezes on me?

  • What if I freeze?

  • What?

  • What?

  • What if they're not getting with what I'm saying?

  • That's not my head.

  • I got my head.

  • Was that This is gonna be the greatest day of my wife in professional wrestling.

  • This is the benchmark this is I'm gonna blow people away.

  • I'm gonna make a laugh.

  • I'm gonna make you cry.

  • I'm gonna inspire them.

  • And when it was all said and done, bro, that waas my finest moment and professional wrestling And it was the greatest day.

  • And I loved there was a lot of work.

  • Ah, lot of work put into that, doc.

  • And I had everybody right in my hands from the minute I walked out there and every Bischoff gave me an amazing induction speech.

  • So we were the first ones out of the gate, and we're off to the races.

  • And again, if I don't put that in my head, it doesn't happen like that.

  • What was really cool?

  • Beth Phoenix, who was also going in the Hall of Fame that year.

  • She's married to Adam Copeland, who goes by Name Edge.

  • They're both Hall of Famers.

  • She'd come up to me after her speech and she said, I gotta thank you.

  • I said thank me.

  • Thank me for what she goes.

  • I was listening to your speech, and I was before that I was getting in my head questioning myself.

  • And as I watched you, I realized I got this.

  • I own this.

  • This is gonna be the best thing I've ever done.

  • And she killed it on.

  • And it was so cool to see that.

  • You know why?

  • Why?

  • What?

  • What?

  • What?

  • Why?

  • From my wife?

because you look like an overnight success.

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