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  • Australia is such a welcoming place to come.

  • We love having people here because we really are a long way from everywhere.

  • But it's like it's like a beautiful piece of ancient nature here that you won't see anywhere else in the world.

  • Animals a unique Today I'm Janine Duffy from a kidney walkabout of the owner and chief koala researcher.

  • We call it conservation travel, so we figure if you're going to a place to see the animals, which a lot of people want to do, you may as well helped.

  • Um, while you're there.

  • But the end of 2019, start of 2020 we had the worst bushfires in human history.

  • Here in Australia, in koala habitat.

  • A two moment.

  • It's really important to do post bushfire survey work.

  • So to see what animals and now coming back into the areas that suffered from the bushfires.

  • So they're out there with the guide.

  • They see something they say, Oh, what is that?

  • Is that that thing we're looking for?

  • And you go?

  • Yeah, that's it.

  • It's easy and it's fun, and guests on tour get to be part of it, and it enriches their travel experience enormously.

  • after the bushfires, we've started a project to plant trees in an area adjacent to where the bushfires were.

  • So behind me, you can see tree planting going on.

  • So the little green boxes, uh, tree guards.

  • So these air protecting the little baby tree while it's young, This is something that we would love tourists to come and help us do.

  • I mean, how would a traveler feel if they planted a tree here next year and then in four years came back, saw that tree with a koala in it, knowing that they helped save this species.

  • I mean, I'm tearing up their thes fires where the worst the world has ever seen.

  • There has never been interest in koalas worldwide like there is now.

  • We have the perfect opportunity to really sort this out to really save koalas.

  • Now that we've got so much international and Australian focus, I've been to a lot of places and I've never seen anywhere is pretty and gorgeous as Australia travelers air so welcome here.

  • We love having people here.

Australia is such a welcoming place to come.

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